Friday, July 13, 2018

The Friday Link for 7/13/18

A quick one tonight as I'm spending most of my time this weekend at a baseball field, plus I have Raspberry Festival fun to get to tonight!

The video this week is from the Auralnauts!  It's their latest installment of their version of the original Star Wars trilogy, The Last Laser Master!  I highly encourage you to watch all their videos when you have time.

Visit my 'Matt gives you a Raspberry' booth at the festival in Hopkins, Minnesota, and have a great weekend everyone!

Sunday, July 8, 2018

19% of the American People are Jerks

Over the last few weeks, I've watched Trump rallies in Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota and Montana.  At each of these rallies, Trump says racist and sexiest things.  He touts his policies based on ignorance, wild guessing, and self congratulatory motivations.  He basks in his hostility towards certain religions, certain sexual orientations, and certain Democrats, wallowing in victory speech pablum a year and two thirds after his tainted win.  And I've watched his crowds, even after all the missteps, bigotry, hatred, bone headed stupidity, lies, and embarrassments give him raucous welcomes, standing ovations, and cheer hotly at Trump lines, especially when he targets individuals with thuggery and violence.  After watching these rallies, I've come to one simple reality.

19% of the American people are Jackasses.

I know some people will say, "how dare you Matt!  You're not seeing the nuance to these people."  You're right!  I've looked to see what is their driving motivation.  There is NO nuance.  Their intent on being jackasses IS their motivation.  I'm certain some will insist I'm assaulting small town American values, or blue collar workers, or religious purity.  THIS POST ABSOLUTELY IS NOT.  Because these jackasses label someone like myself pointing out their prickishness as attacking those individual groups, we've allowed a belief there's something us Democrats just don't understand.  There isn't!  This isn't about small town verses big city.  This isn't about blue collar verses white collar.  This isn't about dismissing Christians (I'm Catholic!).   The day after the election I stated "idiots and racists are the people who voted for Trump," and after watching these rallies 21 months later, I'm convinced my original assessment was correct.

First, where did I get 19%?  Only 19.5% of the American people voted for Trump.  That's it!  19.8% voted for Hillary.  29.9% didn't even vote (SHAME!).  I would guess .5% of Trump voters have woken up, realized the massive mistake they've made, and have, either vocally or silently, moved away from the Moron in Chief.  That leaves 19% of America who have watched what has happened, and are still giving it a thumbs up. These jackasses love Trump because he represents exactly who they are, and gives them something they've always desired; validation.

Jackasses have always existed, and jerkishness knows no political boundaries.  The person who cuts in front of the elderly person at the grocery store checkout, the person at work who blames all their failures on others, the person who says the things with racist undertones, the person who brandishes a gun in front of everyone to act tough; these people have always etched out a niche in our society.  Now imagine if instead of condemning these reprehensible people, you had someone say, "good for you! Keep pushing grandma out of the way, because you're in a hurry!"  That's Trump!  In Trump they see a warped version of their life goals reflected; a cheap fast food hamburger served on a silver platter.  Trump validates their "its not me, it's them" myopic view of life.  Why fix yourself, when you can just blame everyone else for your problems; Trump makes it possible!  Us trying to label this lemming parade as 'nuanced' is marketing other people's bitterness as some sort of misunderstood political lightning.  It isn't.  They're just jackasses.

They can't be supporting Trump because of his 'successes.'  Every Trump diplomatic attempt has been an absolute failure.  His trade policy is nightmarish, even making conservative Wall Street do a spit take.  He's screwing everyone out of affordable healthcare.  His tax cuts for the wealthy will double the national deficit, and he's promised the middle and lower class will pay for the exploding monetary crisis.  His immigration policy is so bad even church leaders who love his Administration are condemning it.  He's failed to help this country during natural disasters, with possibly the worst federal government response ever in Puerto Rico.  His public revelations of porn star affairs and monetary payouts, along with his ongoing multiple sexual scandals, are a national embarrassment.  He's already one of the most scandal draped Presidencies ever, and we are only halfway through his second year.  He attacks anyone he feels is challenging him, usually with language more suited for a bad TV talk show.  There are VERY legitimate questions on whether he's been undermining America with a foreign government for years.  The world, outside of despots and dictators, HATES him. Because of all of this (plus much much more!) there's no valid basis for liking Trump on merit.

What makes his supporters still love him even though many of them have already been damaged by his policies?

  • AT BEST, his supporters approve of the undeniable racism.  At worst, they're Nazis, KKK, and white supremacists.
  • AT BEST, his supporters, while claiming to be 'the most Christian people ever,' have embraced the most anti-Christian leader our country has ever seen.
  • AT BEST, Trump supporters condoned violence, smiling while Trump and his enforcers repeatedly threaten assault against anyone who disagrees with them.
  • AT BEST, his supporters condone lashing out with furious viciousness at others.  At worst they applaud it.
  • AT BEST, his supporters will always blame whomever Trump tells them to blame; "they're the real enemy," regardless of how outrageous their vilification is.
  • AT BEST, they have embraced a political doctrine whose underlying fundamentals are meanness, discrimination and hatred.  For many, it's because they're convinced these policies will allow them to see their enemies suffer before they're consumed as well.
  • AT BEST, Trump supporters HATE Democrats more than they love their personal well being, their religion and their country.

"Wow Matt, that's really harsh."  YES!  Yes it is, because we have to label this 19% correctly.  I know some Trump fans insist "I don't support everything Trump does.  Some of this stuff upsets me too." Funny, they NEVER criticize Trump.  Their silence isn't fooling anyone.  They smile when they hear Trump say these things, because (once again) it validates them.  They gleefully wallow like bloated swine in this vicious circle of jackassery, insisting their silence offers a veil of cover.

This validation has led to Trump supporters allowing their hideous persona to step out of the shadows.  They scream in minority's faces, call police of non-infractions because a minority is involved, constantly throw a shamefully revised version of Jesus at others, harass the GLTBQ community for being an 'abomination,' and proudly sceam "Get out of my country!" For them, Trump's the "greatest president ever" because they can now yell "you people are a disgrace!"  As long as they feel they no longer have to keep their true feelings out of sight, they'll always support Trump.

They're jackasses.

Now that a large portion of the 81% has woken up, here's what can we do:

1) Stop thinking a cardboard box with a sharpie slogan written on it is doing something.  Stop thinking social media posts matter.  What's done is done, so focus; move with a purpose.  Don't ignore the hard work needed by mistaking 'ease' for 'effort.'
2) Stop trying to win these Trump supporters over.  They'll never come to the light as long as their pied piper is playing their tune.  Focus on the 110 million who didn't vote, not on the jackasses who did.
3)  That doesn't mean don't challenge Trump supporters.  On the contrary, you HAVE TO challenge them.  The only way we can take this ugliness out of the mainstream is by shaming these people for unleashing this hatred from their darkened hearts.  Indeed!  Shame them for what they've done to the United States of America.
4) Find your local Democratic candidate and volunteer to help.
5) Vow to help whomever is victorious in the Democratic primary, even if it wasn't your first choice.
6) Get out of your district!  Find a Democrat running in a Republican district and volunteer for them.
7) If you're in a metropolitan area, get out of the city and go help the Democrats in rural America!  They need volunteers and donations.  The Democratic platform has a lot to offer rural America!  Remember: we're all in this together!
8) Challenge Republicans on health care, trade, guns, baby prisons, wealthy only tax cuts, net neutrality, and the failure to take care of the American people.  These are policies Republicans can't defend, so our silence on these issues validates them.  Don't let Republicans off the hook.  Challenge them in EVERY district!
9) Make sure you're registered to vote.
10) Make sure your friends and family are all registered to vote.
11) When that one friend says "I don't vote because I don't agree with either candidate," remind them you need to vote to prevent a horrific candidate from gaining power, even if that means voting for someone you might not agree with!
12) Make sure you, your friends and your family know where to vote!
13) If your state has early voting, vote early!
14) On Election Day, November 6th, 2018, if you haven't already voted, make sure you vote!
15) Then, on Election Day, call your family and friends and ask everyone of them, "have you voted yet?" If they say no, ask if they need a ride.

You may look at this post and insist I didn't need to become mean.  To that I say please shut up! The Democrats have been trying to take the high road ever since Reagan, and it's gotten us Donald F-ing Trump!!!  I'm not making up anything!  I spent a lot of time thinking about this piece.  I'm not just screaming insults like a Trump supporter, rather I'm making my case.  You don't agree with me?  Fine, but don't act like Democrats are missing some unexplained, Loch Ness, Sasquatch, Canadian girlfriend mystery when it comes to understanding Trump supporters.  I understand them completely.

19% of Americans are complete and total jackasses.

Friday, July 6, 2018

The Friday Link for 7/6/18

Howdy!  I hope you've had a great Independence Day week.  If you're like me, you have no idea what day it really is...Tuesday?...

Who am I kidding, of course it's Friday and with it our weekly trip to fun town!  Three completely unrelated videos for you this week.

First up, Fergie.  The singer tried her best to forever ruin the National Anthem with a bizarre version at the NBA All Star Game earlier this year.  It was even worse than Trump's versions.  Thanks to the Bad Lip Reading folks, we now have a version we can all appreciate.

Second up, a brilliant surveillance video from a convenience store robbery in Canada.  The images alone are great, but someone took Benny Hill's 'Yakkity Sax' and turned it into one of the best videos of the year.  That fall had to hurt.

Finally tonight, music!; Actually one of the most important underrated bands in my life, and (in my opinion) in all of music.  An amazing friend of mine, Peter Haugen, handed me a 'must listen' cassette and officially introduced me to Agent Orange in 1984.  I still love them, especially their 1981 masterpiece, "Living In Darkness."  It's only 30 minutes, but it changed my world.  Still the best versions of Pipeline and Miserlou ever.  How many alternative bands of the 80's and 90's were sprouted from their sound?

Earlier this week, XMU was playing Bloodstains and I decided I was going to include the entire album in this week's link.  Enjoy, but I will not take offense if it isn't exactly your cup of tea.

They'll be at the Turf Club on August 4th.  See you there.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, July 2, 2018

Empty Gestures

Over the last few weeks I've helped some outstate Minnesota Democrats who are running in GOP districts.  While helping in northern Minnesota, I stopped by a house of a fervent Trump supporter.  I walked up the long drive past a rusty pickup truck, some gorgeous well kept gardens, and a flagpole with the US' stars and stripes, a Confederate flag, and a POW/MIA flag from top to bottom.

The elderly gentleman who greeted me at the door was cordial, but the minute I mentioned who I was and what I was doing there he immediately claimed he would NEVER vote for a Democrat.  In his opinion, Trump is the best President we've ever had (SERIOUSLY!).

There were numerous ways I could've approached him at that point, but I decided, because of his clear determination to ignore reality, I'd point out his hypocrisy, hopefully getting him to think about his fake fortitude.

I pointed to his flag pole and commented, as I'm a veteran, how nice it was to see the flag displayed. He immediately said he was a veteran too, and we talked military for a few minutes before I pointed to his Confederate flag.  I asked why he would fly the Confederate stars and bars right below the American flag.  He said he doesn't stand for slavery, but he believes in "southern traditions"(?), adding he likes "flying a flag the liberals hate."

I skipped pointing out the Civil War was fought almost exclusively over slavery, and went with a different approach.  "That's the flag carried by the forces who slaughtered a lot of Minnesotans."

He quickly got gruff.  "But that was a long time ago," to which I quickly pointed out he was the one still flying the flag.  I then educated him about how Minnesota saved the union 155 years ago with their brave stand at Gettysburg.  In summary:

On July 2nd 1863, the only thing saving the union forces on Cemetery Ridge was the 262 Minnesota men of the 1st Minnesota.  The were ordered to charge into the line of a few THOUSAND southern troops.  In five minutes, 215 Minnesota men fell, including most of the commanders, but yet the state's colors continually rose.  They beat back the invading Confederates (Pennsylvania was a northern state), and they won the battle.  On that day, at that moment, Minnesota saved the union.  The 82% casualty rate is the greatest loss of life ANY surviving US military unit has ever experienced.  Only forty seven men survived.

Then on July 3rd, the remaining men were at one of the few points where the south's Pickett's Charge actually crossed the defensive lines of the Union.  In the chaotic hand to hand battle that ensued, two of the three remaining officers died, leaving only Captain Coates to rally the Minnesota boys.  They captured a Virginia Infantry flag.  We still have it today, and we will not give it back.

I mentioned a few of the other battles Minnesota soldiers served at, but ended my history lesson with the line "when you fly the flag of the Confederates in Minnesota, you might as well head over to Fort Snelling National Cemetery and start desecrating the graves of the brave men who died defending the United States of America."

He didn't like what I said, but you could tell he was thinking.  "I'll have to read up on that battle, to see if what you say is true."  It is.

I then asked him about his feeling about Senator John McCain.  Angry I had exposed him for being a pretty crappy Minnesotan he started tearing into the 'traitor' John McCain.  "He has betrayed his oath of office by going against Trump. He can't be gone soon enough!"

This time I skipped his claim Senators swear a blood oath to the President, and I also skipped past his gleeful anticipation of McCain's death, and instead pointed to his POW/MIA flag.  "I thought you supported POW's?"

He stammered for the next few minutes claiming he completely respects McCain's service, but insisting he blabbed to the North Vietnamese.  I mentioned he was being horrifically tortured by them.  This is not a movie or TV show, this is the real world and torture gets people talking. He stammered more, contradicting himself, insisting McCain should be honored, but he was also a traitor.  I reminded him McCain allowed other soldiers to be released from prison, even when offered the choice to leave himself.  At this point, the old man seemed to be 100% in McCain's corner; "he's one of the reasons I fly the [POW/MIA] flag."

I asked if he was bothered by Trump's attacks on McCain's POW record, or Trump's mistreatment of the family of Sgt. LaDavid Johnson, the soldier who was killed in Niger after being left behind on the battle field (MIA).  The elderly Minnesotan said Johnson's family should've never made it political.  I pointed out he was wrong on that, it was Trump who made Johnson's death political.  I made sure to point out the old man supported a president who openly doesn't care for POW or MIA soldiers, an issue this man felt was so important he flew a flag in support of POW/MIA's in his own front yard.  The old man yelled how Trump is trying to get all the Korea War remains returned.  He then said he was busy and had to go, closing the door firmly and abruptly.

At no point did I ever yell or scream at him.  I did this all in a very conversational tone.

I have no idea if the Confederate flag and the POW/MIA flag are still flying in his yard, but I know he was thinking about wether they should be.  I'm no fool.  He'll vote for Republicans in 2018, but at the very least I made him stare his empty gestures in the face.

Sometimes the winning result is not convincing the opposition you're right, but rather making sure the opposition has to wallow in their tortured logic and contradictory thoughts, as you show them they're not fooling anyone.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Northern Minnesota Love

Just back from the northland and I wanted to share some of the images I captured.

The pretty lake...

Someone must have really hated that moose.



The spectacular northern Minnesota color!


The gorgeous nights after long June days...

The Strawberry moon...

I do hope you have someplace where you can go to collect yourself.  I think the lakes are what make Minnesotans the good people they generally are.  

Friday, June 29, 2018

The Friday Link for 6/29/18

Hi all!  Back from vacation and I'm just catching my breath.

Thank Goodness Jon Stewart made a triumphant return to Colbert's show.  It's amazing how easily he cuts through the noise machine that is Trump.  This is the best assessment of him...since Stewart left the Daily Show.

I'll also add the great bit Colbert, Fallon and Conan did after being heckled by Trump:

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, June 22, 2018

The Friday Link for 6/22/18

Short and sweet as I'm on vacation.  Two dinosaur related entries from Friday Link regulars for today.

The Honest Trailers guys take on the worst of the Jurassic movies, Jurassic Park 3.  And I love Sam Neil!

And since I like to pair these two together, here is Everything Wrong with Jurassic World, from the guys at CinemaSins.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Trump Top 20 Countdown for the Week of 6/11/18

Welcome to the Weekly Top 20 Countdown of Trump's ineptitude and stupidity for the week of 6/11/18 to 6/17/18.

These are the 20 most insane and (in some cases) evil things coming from Trump and his Administration this week.  If this was a Democratic Administration, EVERYTHING on this list would have triggered investigations, committee hearings, firings, resignations and even one or two impeachment charges.  Instead, we have an Administration preforming some of the most sinister actions in this country's history.  How can someone gleefully scar the mental psyche of thousands of people for life?  How can someone lie so often, about easily disproved things?  How does a man-child continue to serve as the country's leader even though he's been proven utterly unqualified repeatedly?  Never forget the Republican silence which enables this man...

FYI - After this week, I'm taking a break, but the countdown will return in mid-July.  Have a wonderful 4th of July everyone!

A quick Google search will give you plenty of news options on all of these stories.  The ranking is purely on me.  Please feel free to disagree and comment why below.

On with the countdown!

20 - Apparently there are rogue FBI agents, but they're not working for the Democrats.  Rogue FBI agents out of New York apparently gave Trump defender Rep. Devin Nunes classified information about Hillary Clinton's e-mails in 2016.  He bragged about getting this information on Fox News, which led the leading Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff to ask whom exactly Nunes shared the information with, clearly implying he's concerned Nunes did indeed share the classified information with members of the Trump campaign. (6/17)

19 - Scott Pruitt, Trump's EPA director, ordered his agency's staff to help his daughter get an internship in the White House.  His staff would be the EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency, not a job placement group.  His staff felt like they were being used as stepping stones to try to achieve a better lifestyle for Pruitt's daughter, a lifestyle Pruitt portrayed his staff as being beneath.  He also ordered the former speaker of the Virigina House to help get his daughter into University of Virginia's Law School.  It was also revealed Pruitt got Rose Bowl tickets from an Oklahoma businessman with ties to the Energy Industry, something which is very illegal.  In actually EPA stuff, Pruitt decided the US has had enough with clean water as he's starting to undo the 2015 Clean Water Rule.  This will open up protected drinking water sources for 117 million Americans to pollution. (6/15 and 6/16)

18 - The idea of dropping the USA/South Korean joint military maneuvers (spoilers), the deterrent to North Korea and their potential saber rattling, likely came to Trump via Russian despot Vladimir Putin.  The Wall Street Journal reported in January Trump had spoken with Putin and he suggested to Trump the idea of halting the military exercises. (6/12)

17 - Trump, clearly bothered we haven't started carving his head into Mt. Rushmore after his embarrassing North Korean Summit performance (spoilers), went on the offensive.  He first went on Fox News with fellow Michael Cohen client Sean Hannity to praise the non-exisinting agreement.  He then tweeted out he completely solved the North Korea problem, taking a swipe at former President Obama, before ending the tweets with "sleep well tonight."  Putting aside the fact he hasn't solved squat, I'm sure Kim Jong-Un is sleeping very well tonight.  Finally, when he realized people saw through his North Korean talking points, he went on the attack, claiming NBC and CNN are the biggest enemy to the country because they're refusing to tout Trump's self created greatness.  (6/13)

16 - Trump's State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert thinks it's her job to troll CNN news, the source of a lot of Trump's anger.  She called out CNN for not covering the Trump visit to the US Embassy in Singapore's security team.  Three slight problems with her attempted slam.  First, the meeting was closed to the media (which would include CNN), something pretty much every media outlet corrected her on.  Second, the image she used to taunt CNN seemed to be from Trump meeting with young schoolchildren, not the embassy security team.  Third, this is so beneath her position, it's embarrassing. (6/11)

15 - Attorney General Jeff Sessions says the US will now refuse to accept immigrants and refuges fleeing abusive domestic relationships.  This sets up a standard where a known physical threat to an applicant won't be enough for said immigrant to seek asylum.  Already numerous immigrants deported by Sessions have been killed upon returning to their country of origin.  Sessions still claims he's a Christian. (6/11)

14 - It wasn't a good day for White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.  As rumors swirl she may leave the White House, she tried defending Trump's policy of ripping children away from their parents at the border, and putting those children in cages.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions claims the BIBLE supports this extremely anti-Christian policy, and the press corps wanted Sanders to clarify. "I can say that it is very biblical to enforce the law.  That is actually repeated a number of times throughout the bible."  When pushed to explain the passage which supports the Administration's policy, she became insulting and snippy.  The AP reporter reminded her there's NO LAW which requires families be separated at the border, but Sanders refused to acknowledge the remark.  It was at this point Playboy correspondent Brian Karem finally unloaded on her.  "You're a parent of young children.  Don't you have any empathy for what they go through?" She ignored Karem and moved on to another question.  Since then, people have been pointing to the numerous Bible passages which contradict the White House policy, something we shouldn't even have to do considering there's supposed to be separation of church and state. The Bible should never be the Government's policy validation. (6/14)

13 - At the G7 meeting, Trump apparently told Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe he'd send 25 million Mexicans to Japan, implying that Abe would be in big trouble if all the sudden 25 million illegal Mexicans showed up to vote against him in the next Japanese election.  Was it a threat?  Would Trump kidnap 25 million Mexican people and send them all to Japan?  How many boats would that take?  Does he think the Mexicans would do this willingly?  If he thinks 25 million Mexicans illegally voted against him in 2016, but yet he still won, what lesson would he be trying to teach Japan anyway?  Trump is an idiot. (6/15)

12 - Net Neutrality officially died on Monday, as Ajit Pai's new FCC rules took effect. (6/11)

11 - In trade news, Trump is doubling down on his criticism of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau after Canada refused to bow to Trump's wishes on trade at the G7 conference.  In an interview, Trump was quite harsh on Trudeau standing up for Canada's sovereignty. "That was a mistake.  That's going to cost him a lot of money."  In a 'not shocking at all poll,' Canadians are siding with Prime Minister Trudeau in his trade war with Trump.  Seventy percent of Canadians now say they're purposely going out of their way to avoid buying US products.  On another trade war front, Trump has decided to slap another 50 billion dollars in tariffs on China.  This as China continues to attack US trade with surgical precision.  They've announced tariffs on 659 US products, revising their list to remove most high end products, only focusing on the lower income items, imports which will really damage the American economy, particularly soybeans. (6/12, 6/15, 6/16-17)

10 - Republicans on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) are rallying against Trump's plan to use tax payer dollars to prop up the coal and nuclear industries.  Trump's trying to validate the federal bailout of the industries by saying there's a national security emergency involved.  All five of the committee's members, including the conservative Republicans, disagreed with the assessment.  If it's approved, the tax payers would potential give 65 BILLION dollars to the coal and nuclear industries, for basically no reason whatsoever. reason. (6/12)

9 - North Korean media (spoilers) is boasting that Trump made numerous other concessions to North Korean President Kim Jong-Un, including the promise of removing sanctions without any concessions in return.  The Trump Administration has yet to comment on the report.  Russian media has also declared The Singapore Summit a grand victory for Kim. And for some inexplicable reason, Trump decided to salute a North Korean military commander.  The clear submission move caught everyone off guard.  Reminder:  Many Republicans demanded former President Obama leave office for what they labeled was too deep of a bow to the Saudis.  (6/13-14)

8 - A new Washington Post report states Trump BFF Roger Stone did indeed have a meeting with a Russian national who offered "dirt" on Hillary Clinton prior to the 2016 election.  The man approached Stone and Trump aide Michael Caputo. The man then offered the information for 2 million dollars, to which Stone allegedly stated Trump doesn't pay for information.  Stone is stating he never knew the man was actually a Russian, but communications from Caputo to Stone directly contradict that claim, pointing out they both knew the man was Russian.  This would make a dozen Trump aides who have stated they did not meet with the Russians prior to the 2016 Election, who have now proven to have been lying. (6/17)

7 - The entire Trump family is in BIG trouble.  New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood filed suit on Thursday against the Donald J. Trump Foundation, the Trump family nonprofit, as it appears the foundation operated more as a checkbook for Trump.  For decades, the money was often used for personal matters, not charitable functions.  The suit names Trump, Trump daughter and White House staffer doing...something Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr. (Tweddle Dee), Eric (Tweddle Dum) and the entire foundation board.  The Foundation is also accused of using charitable funds to support Trump's Presidential campaign, a HUGE legal no-no!  Trump, seething at the news, attacked the AG and New York Democrats.  Legal papers paint pretty damning evidence against the whole family. (6/14)

6 - Paul Manafort's bail has been revoked and he's going to jail.  This after Manafort was caught trying to tamper with witnesses against him in the Mueller investigation.  Manafort's scheduled to be in jail until his trial begins in September.  Most experts feel, due to his prison stay, he'll be screaming for a deal in the near future. (6/15)

5 - Asked by a reporter what he'll do if Kim Jong-Un doesn't follow through with his promises from the Singapore Summit, Trump stated: "I may stand before you in six months and say 'hey I was wrong.' I don't know that I'll admit that, but I'll find some excuse."  Trump sized up in a nutshell:  I won't admit I was wrong.  I'll just make up an excuse. (6/12)

4 - Trump does interviews!  Trump went on Fox News for another absolutely bonkers interview which featured some of the most outrageous lies yet. He blames President Obama for Russian Despot Vladimir Putin invading the Crimea, attacking Ukraine, and shooting down a civilian airliner, all because Putin didn't respect Obama.  Trump stated he could ask Putin to leave Crimea and Syria and Putin will do it.  The obvious follow up question should've been 'why haven't you?'  Trump now insists Kim Jong-Un's brutal regime is nothing unusual, no big deal.  He reiterates how great Kim is for inheriting North Korea from his dictator father, implying it was some sort of populist ascension. He then reiterated his call to pull all troops out of South Korea, insisting the South Koreans don't pay us enough for the military presence.  He again praised Chinese President Xi Jinping for being 'President for life,' adding "that's pretty good."  Then came the two unbelievable lies.  The first was his claim he's done more in the first 500 days of his term than any other president ever.  This is a stunning lie, one he tries to validate by claiming "a lot of people are saying it." No one with a brain is saying it.  He might, MIGHT be slightly better than 1 president, but remember Harrison died six weeks into his term.  But the most bizarre claim he made was (multiple) parents of Korean War veterans came up to him during the 2016 campaign wanting Trump to get their children's remains back from North Korea.  While returning soldiers remains is a VERY good outcome to strive for, parents of Korean War veterans would be AT LEAST 100 years old.  That's if you have a 16 year giving birth and their 18 child served at the very end of the Korean war, a fact which would make it very unlikely their remains would be in current North Korea.  Putting aside the clear lie 100 year olds were mobbing Trump as his rallies, it's stunning the interviewer failed to even follow up on such an outrageous claim. Two days later, Trump wandered out of the White House, and (surprise!) Fox & Friends was coincidently broadcasting.  Trump proceeded on another bizarre rant.  On dictator Kim Jong-Un: "He speaks and his people sit up at attention.  I want my people to do the same."  He wants the same respect from his people as a brutal dictator receives under their iron fist (WOW!).  Trump then proceeded to call FBI leadership "scum," a response to the DOJ's FBI/Clinton/email/Comey report he insisted was a "lie" and was "wrong" (spoilers), a comment even host Steve Doocy said "this is your FBI." Then Trump repeated his claim hundreds of 100+ year old fathers of Korean War Veterans asked him to bring home the remains of their kids.  Once again it's good to get soldiers remains returned, but this is such a clear lie Trump's insisting on doubling down on.  The more disturbing element is he twice in two days expressed the desire to be a President with authoritarian control. (6/13, 6/15)

3 - Trump has been hyping the release of the DOJ report on the firing of James Comey, promising it to be the smoking gun proving the entire Mueler investigation is a fraud.  Now that it's been released, it can be said it does no such thing.  What it does prove is that the Comey's actions in regards to Hillary Clinton and her emails was the mistake, and none of it was motivated by political leanings. The report says Comey was justifiably fired due to his lack of following the rules in regards to Clinton, not because of some grand anti-Trump conspiracy. This puts Trump and his followers into an interesting box.  Either they think Comey deserved to be fired, and hence Hilalry Clinton was wronged, OR they think Hilalry Clinton wasn't wronged, hence Comey should still be employed.  It's one of the two. Even far right conservatives are stating Hillary Clinton got screwed over, not Trump.(6/14)

2 - Trump's child prisons were opened to the public and what we've seen is disturbing.  There are murals praising Trump EVERYWHERE in the facility, resembling indoctrination techniques of evil dictators.  1500 young boys, children as young as 10 years old, are being kept in incredibly overcrowded conditions.  The kids get only 2 hours of fresh air every day (children!?!).  Trump insists this is about stopping MS13 gang members from entering the country, but officials at the shelter admit they have yet to encounter a single gang member.  So far the US government has ripped 2000 children from their parents since Trump enacted his barbaric policy. Expectations are the number will be dramatically higher by the end of summer. (6/14, 6/16)

1 - Trump's Summit with North Korean President Kim Jong-Un happened, and regardless of how it's measured, the results were lackluster at best, with Trump the only one making concessions.  It was clear Kim was going to try to play Trump, when right before the summit, Kim changed his timeline, sending the US envoy scrambling to ensure the summit still happened.  North Korea basically says it's committed to peace, adding they're willing to look at the de-nuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. THOSE ARE GOOD THINGS, as is the willingness to meet, but the positive wears off from there.  None of the US's pre-summit demands were met.  The agreement they signed is basically the same agreement North Korea signed twenty five years ago, only more toothless, and North Korea never followed through on that one.  The talks of peace and de-nuclearization have no timelines or metrics, only a vague promise of eventually trying to do something.  Even so, Trump keeps insisting they are comprehensive standards.  There are not.  Trump, during the press conference afterwards, stunned South Korea, and our own military, by stating he's conceding to Kim, ending the joint military exercises which are routinely conducted between the South Korean/US armed forces.  This apparently was something never discussed even with our own military brass.  Many people are looking for Trump to clarify what exactly he meant, with even the South Koreans implying he must have mis-spoke. To reiterate, Trump got nothing of what he wanted, the agreement was vague and noncommittal, and the only major concession made was Trump insisting our military will no longer train with the South Koreans as a deterrent against the North Koreans. (6/12)

The unbelievable thing is:

After the empty foreign policy
The disastrous trade policy
The undeniable racism
Ripping kids from their parents and throwing them into #KidPrison
The low moral character
The undeniable sex scandals
Destroying the only healthcare many of us have access to
The clear purchasing of Trump and his term by the Russians
The failure in Puerto Rico
The never-ending shady cast of characters
His desire to be an authoritarian dictator
His wildly inappropriate social media presence
The shady business background
And his undeniable ignorance

538 still has his approval average at 42%.  That means ALL Republicans still approve of him.  They truly do hate Democrats more than they love their country, their religion and their own quality of life.  They are so terrified of being proven horribly wrong, they have decided the rotting cow carcass is the prettiest date in town.

The ONLY way we are going to solve this problem is by getting every freaking Democrat off their caboose and get them to the polls in November.  EVERY person who sat out last election (110 million).  Every person who insists politics doesn't matter to them.  Every person who tries so hard to make the both sides arguments as a way to not break down into a fit or rage.  EVERY ONE!!!

#2018IsEverything.  The Countdown will return in a few weeks.