Friday, November 19, 2021

Friday Link for 11/19/21

Tonight I present for you Durry, the newest Minneapolis band out of Burnsville.  This brother and sister crew (Austin and Taryn Durry) have been putting out songs they made due to circumstances around the pandemic, and they're awesome!

I interviewed Austin today on my show (Durry Interview Matt McNeil Show 11/19) and we talked about how good the band's music is.  Also, how their success on TikTok has garnered them a lot of fans, and the story behind a few of their songs.

Their first major show at 7th Street Entry on the 24th is sold out, but I would die to get in to see it.  Enjoy the music which has made me a fan. 

First up their breakthrough hit, Who's Laughing Now:

Next up their newest single, released today, Worse For Wear: 

Here is a fun one.  A dance cut of their song Losers Club: 

And finally, a sensational video for Hasta La Vista Baby!

Have wonderful weekend. 

Please get vaccinated and wear a mask.

I don't want you sick, I don't want you dead, and I don't want you bankrupt. 

Friday, November 12, 2021

The Friday Link for 11/12/21

Howdy all!

This week we venture back in time, sometimes WAY back, with Eons, a great little web show from PBS.

But first this statement. I know some people do not like when I put the heavy duty science and education stuff on the Friday Link. I think this stuff is fascinating.  If for no other reason; the hosts make this science stuff a lot of fun!

I've featured Eon's segments in the Friday Link before but this week I give it up all to them.  Not only do they do a great job of explaining the science, AND WHAT WE DON'T KNOW, but they are full of surprises when it comes to what we do understand about the evolution of life on this planet.

We'll start with the discovery that we had domesticated cats a lot earlier than we thought (at least in Cyprus?), go on to debate about a great die off of life (or did it?), and then talk about what did the mammoths in.  Enjoy!

99.985% of vaccinated people in Minnesota have not died from Corona Virus.
99.91% of vaccinated people in Minnesota have not been hospitalized with CoronaVirus.

PLEASE get vaccinated.

Have a great weekend. 

Friday, November 5, 2021

The Friday Link for 11/5/21

 Howdy all! 

Recovery from my hip replacement surgery is going well.  I've successfully started to ween myself off the harsher medications.  I hope I'm able to drive again next week.  Today I walked a block, and although I was exhausted, I was glad to get out of the house. 

On my radio show on Fridays, I've gotten into the habit of dancing.  It all started last year, when everything was going so bad in this country.  Out of a need for some positivity, I started to dance at the end of the show to an upbeat and happy song.  It caught on.  I couldn't keep doing it every day, so we eventually switched it Friday's only.  As you can imagine, I've not been dancing lately.

I want to encourage you to dance on your own, and have I got some great music for you.  We've featured The Hood Internet before on the Friday Link.  His remixes are basically taking a year of music, then dance remixing many of the year's biggest songs into a single song which encapsulates the year the song is about.  

Frankly, the guy doing these remixes is the best music remixer I've ever heard. 

He went back to the 1970's for his latest remixes. Back then EVERYONE (mostly) listened to the same music, as diverse and vibrant as it was. He's done remixes for 1975-1979 and here are all five.

I'm starting with 1976, because I think overall it's the best, but all of these individual years are exceptional.  Enjoy!

I think 1978 might be the second best of this round.

Please get vaccinated, wear a mask. 

Please be safe.

Dance the night away...

Friday, October 29, 2021

The Friday Link for 10/29/21

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!  I've been laid up all week after having hip replacement surgery, but the drugs have kept me particularly loopy.  I'm hesitant to stop the drugs quite yet because every time I've allowed the drugs to subside a little, the pain gets bad and fast. 

For Halloween, we have some classic Loony Tunes.  To begin, a compilation of Bugs taking on the Halloween Spookiest of Warner Brothers.

Also some classic bits where Bugs takes it to Wile E. Coyote. I love the look Bugs gives when he spies the "Genius" on the mailbox. 

Have a happy and safe Halloween.  Watch out for the Kiddos on Sunday night! 

Please get vaccinated and wear a mask! I don't want you dead, sick, broke, bankrupt, or suffering from a lifetime of ailments.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, October 22, 2021

The Friday Link for 10/22/21

This week I dive back into historic cooking with one of my favorites, Tasting History with Max Miller.

I do enjoy Townsends quite a bit, but Max Miller is a different kind of historical cooking show.  First, some of his recipes go WAY back, so far back it's kind of hard to think we can still translate the recipe as well as find many of the ingredients (something Max is quick to acknowledge if there is no contemporary counterpart).  The variety of recipes goes across the globe too.  Where Townsends focuses on (mostly) North American European settler recipes (which are very well done), Max is global, leading to some really exotic episodes.

Also Max brings the history. He always takes time to break down something about the recipe which has historical context.

This week, three seasonal recipes for you.  First off a very early Apple pie from 1553 which doesn't sound anything like what we know as apple pie. 

Next up is a very strange version of a pumpkin pie from the 1670's and I am intrigued! The idea of apples and pumpkin together sounds fantastic. I might just try this recipe for Thanksgiving this year. 

And for your Halloween, how about a Transylvania pot roast recipe from the 1580's which features a lot of garlic.  I LOVE garlic.  This will ward off any vampires, but it also will ward off most other living and breathing things too.  You've been warned! 

Have a great weekend everyone.  Be healthy and safe!
Get vaccinated!
Wear a mask!


Friday, October 15, 2021

The Friday Link for 10/15/21

This will be short and sweet tonight as I'm late for birthday celebrations for me and my son.

Thankfully I'm a better parent than the ones in 'I Accuse My Parents,' classic Mystery Science Theater 3000 gold from the early days.  Enjoy!

Be safe.  Please get vaccinated and wear a mask. 


Friday, October 8, 2021

The Friday Link for 10/8/21

This week we celebrate the return of James Bond to movie theaters with 'No Time to Die,' the 5th and final outing for Daniel Craig as the British spy. 

This afternoon on my radio show we talked Bond for the final half hour and I came to the realization I'm a much larger fan of the franchise than I realized.  Everyone has their own favorite, but I really liked Roger Moore's Bond, followed by Craig's. 

My favorite Bond movie is For Your Eyes Only.  Sure it's cheeky at points, but it felt like a real spy movie and the rock climbing scene at the end is great. 

I'll start tonight's clips with what I think is the best stunt ever done in a Bond film, the 18 wheeler up on its side wheels as a rocket flies underneath it from License to Kill.  

For best action sequences, let's start with my third favorite, the fight on top of the Golden Gate Bridge in A View to A Kill. 

Second for me is the parkour chase scene in 2006's Casino Royale, which set the tone for the Daniel Craig Bond. 

But I think the best action sequence from all the films was the tank chase scene from Goldeneye. 

Also tonight, enjoy a run down of all the Bond themes. 

And finally tonight, what I think is the best Bond theme of them all, A View to a Kill from Duran Duran. 

Stay safe.

PLEASE get vaccinated.  PLEASE wear a mask.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Friday, October 1, 2021

Friday Link for 10/1/21

This weekend I have a wedding celebration in the family, so I decided why not play one of the greatest moments ever from television on the Friday Link.  From Jim and Pam's wedding, it's time for the wedding dance from The Office.

Also this week, late night television hosts are good, but a great late night guest is worth GOLD! Paul Giamatti stopped by The Late Show and not only had to remind Stephen that he WAS indeed in that play Colbert saw, but Giamatti also has a great story about the lifetime Burger King card. 

Finally this week, it's almost like Conservative media only has a problem with political statements at sporting events when they disagree with the political position that's being displayed.  But vulgar language on live TV geared toward the President, that's wholesome Christian thinking they can get behind! Wow, what a bunch of hypocrites.  By the way, I should mention Conservatives shouldn't be watching most sports anyways, because they're openly boycotting them all.

Have a great weekend everyone! 

Stay healthy and stay safe! 
Don't be a fool.  Get vaccinated and wear a mask. 

Friday, September 24, 2021

The Friday Link for 9/24/21

This week, I give you four videos which are not related in any way! 

First up is The My Pillow Guy remix from the The Remix Bros.  A warning, there are like two bad words in the remix, so you've been warned!  It's actually really well done, and it's got a kicking beat.  

Next up was the best bit from the Emmy Awards last Sunday, the support group for the people who haven't won an Emmy. 

Third tonight is a Colbert bit.  With them all being at the Emmy's on Sunday, they did a pre-recorded show for Monday night, which was a best of compilation from the months they did quarantine shows.  The celebrities answering the 'Colbert Questionert' got some great answers. 

And finally something more serious to end out the Link.  White America knows so little about the past and the present of the Native American tribes.  By educating ourselves, we can understand their plight better and use that knowledge to make amends, striving to make life better for everyone. This 5 minute Ted Talk video (from a Finnish Preofessor???) gives you a pretty good history of the Lakota, featuring their rise and tragic fall.  Please, educate yourselves. 

Have a great weekend everyone.  

Stay Healthy and Stay Safe.  Please get vaccinated!!!

Friday, September 17, 2021

The Friday Link for 9/17/21

This week, I'm going to just do something I love, and hope you give it a watch.

Geddy Lee is the Singer/Bass player/Keyboardist for Rush, the Canadian Power trio and my favorite band of all time.  It's been hard since Neil Peart, the bands virtuoso drummer, passed away.  Rush was always a dear friend, a band I looked forward to hearing new music from/seeing on tour for decades.  Staying loyal to each other, the band ended when Neil passed away.

Geddy Lee sat down with Dan Rather in October of 2017 (prior to Neil's passing) and talked about the band and the music, the fans and celebrity.  They also talk about one of my other passions, baseball.   This interview makes me love the band even more, and yearn for just one more concert. 

Also tonight here is the upcoming trailer for the Hawkeye TV show and it looks fantastic! 

Get vaccinated and wear a mask!

Stay Healthy! 

Have a great weekend!

Friday, September 10, 2021

The Friday Link for 9/10/21

Twenty years ago, I was in what is now my home's dining area. We had set up our computer in that room, an extra room we were trying to figure out what to do with at that point.  We had purchased our house a few months earlier, and were expecting our first child, my son, in about a month and a half.  I remember feeling like we had so much space in our place back then.

I was working as a fill in radio host, primarily on Metro Traffic and KFAN, but occasionally helping out at various other stations.  I was surfing the internet for my morning news and heard the radio talking about "some idiot flew his plane into one of the World Trade Towers."  The narrative was much more joking and mocking.  "How could some idiot hit the only buildings standing that tall in New York City?"  Then the cocky host gasped in horror as they said "Oh my God, another plane just seemed to intentionally fly into the other tower."

That's the moment the world changed.

I scrambled to the TV and watched in horror.  I called my wife and had to fill her in (this was before cell phone news alerts kept us all awake at night).  I called my dad and found out my mother was on a business trip in the Carolinas.  She was safe, but grounded.  

That moment, and the months that followed, was the last time I remember America being united, a welcomed patriotic embrace.  The country had been extremely divided in the months leading up to the attack.  Gore v. Bush, Enron, and W. Bush's ham handed Administration had gotten us to a point where a huge split in this country was starting to happen.  Then 9/11.  We were all sad, grieving, angry.  We all mourned our loses and (for the most part) were unified in a strong response to the people involved.  We went after Bin Laden, Al qaeda and the Taliban.  We vowed to do whatever it would take to never let something like this happen again.  We all embraced being Americans.

Then came the racist attacks on ALL Muslims and foreigners.  Then questions about why Bush let the Saudis off the hook.  Then the made up war on Iraq, leaving Bin Laden and the Taliban alive while the US military was sent on a red herring, an attempt by Cheney to wreck OPEC by flooding the markets with Iraqi oil.  Then came 'Bin Laden determined to strike in the US.'  Then came ludacris Congressional testimony from Bush aides who had determined sounding like morons was the only option they had in their defense.

But there was something subtle that happened late in W.'s 2nd term which ended all hope of unifying us again.  I started noticing Conservatives, when talking about 9/11, only focused on the United 93 flight which crashed in Pennsylvania, and the attack on the Pentagon.  When I would gently remind those people "AND The World Trade Centers," they would say of course, but the next time we talked the focus would be back to the military attack and the crashed plane in rural Pennsylvania. 

Then the same people started to throw around the idea that 9/11 was really an attack on "Real America." When I would ask them what "Real America" was, the response was "it's the parts of this country where wholesome family values, love of God, and a clean and honest quality of life exist, not the corrupted, dirty and ungrateful areas of this country that try take advantage of 'Real Americans'." Hello dog whistle!

As the 2008 election approached, the thin veil was removed and the argument morphed into a blunt "Real America" verses those Liberal anti-American parts of the country.  I'd point out the vast majority of the victims of 9/11 came from those supposed 'Liberal anti-American parts of the country,' but they'd ignore me, insisting 9/11 was really a direct attack on Republicans and their values, an attack which Liberals cheered.  

This was the beginning.  

Look what that has evolved into today.  You have on one side people begging everyone to get vaccinated, wear masks, and be as safe as possible as we deal with a major pandemic.  On the other side, the argument is "You're LYING! There is nothing to worry about.  Let me take my horse de-wormer that can kill me!  We're for Personal responsibility."  After one of their loved ones gets infected with COVID, the argument is "I'm a victim.  Biden did this to me!!!"

The main change in this country over the last twenty years is how one political party (the Republicans) decided to blame the worst things that have happened to us as a country on their political opponents (to get what they wanted).  Even when they couldn't find enough real things to blame Democrats for, they just started making stuff up (pizza parlor sacrifice pits, magnetized vaccines, stolen elections).

The reason we are no longer unified as a country is because one side has blamed the other for everything bad this country has experienced not because it's true, but because it was a political opportunity; they created a villain their followers eagerly embraced, enabling the politicians to push through an insanely Conservative political agenda.

If another 9/11 happened today, there would be no unification, even for a day.  The Republicans would be screaming about how "It's all the Democrats" fault(!)" as they send out fundraising emails.  It will take a generation to reunify this country again.

Let me attempt to remind everyone what brought us together 20 years ago.  The Friday Link is (a less than quality copy of) '9/11,' the documentary made by the two French brothers who happened to be on the scene of the attack when it happened. 

We were all Americans after 9/11.  At least for a few months.  We should try to remember that.

I have no agenda outside of I do not want to see you or your loved ones suffer.
Get vaccinated, wear a mask and be safe.

Have a good weekend everyone.  God bless the United States.

Friday, September 3, 2021

The Friday Link for 9/3/21

A few years back on the Friday Link I featured the original Ted Lasso promos created when NBC started covering Premiere League Soccer.  They featured a perfectly cast Jason Sudeikis who absolutely nailed the clueless American football coach getting hired to coach an English Soccer club. If you can find it, enjoy!  You can also find those original promos on You Tube.

Apple TV came up with the brilliant idea of making a series out of the bit, and it's worked great.  The cast is perfect and Sudeikis is all charm. They should clean up at the Emmy awards, but let me give you a little taste of why this show works so well.  This clip has got a little rough language but this is a spectacular synopsis of why Ted Lasso is a great show.  This is a darn near perfect scene. 

Also tonight I want to feature two bits of Native American History.  Once again, you can not learn from past mistakes if you don't understand the history of a subject.

When I was a kid in Rhode Island, we learned extensively about the King Philip's War, but when you get away from the New England area, King Philips War is hardly mentioned.  This was the first large uprising the Native Americans staged agains the encroaching (at this point) British.  For some Native Americans, it was becoming clear the settlers were never going to stop, and so they put forward what ended up being a fairly vicious, and at times, wildly successful war to push the colonists back into the ocean.  

In the end, it didn't go their way, and the repercussions of King Philip's War set the stage for the horrific treatment of Native Americans for the next 300+ years. 

And finally tonight, Native American ingenuity and engineering helped create what was at one point the largest city on the North American continent, and a city which might have been larger than London.  And you probably didn't know it was right outside of St. Louis. 

Let me introduce you to the great ancient Native American city of Cahokia.  

Stay healthy and stay safe.  

Get vaccinated and wear a face mask! 

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Low Country Dreaming

 Here are the best photos from my trip to South Carolina.  The best ones will be toward the end.  First off, some images of me.

It was HOT! 

What follows are the remaining best, from good to best of all.  

And my favorite photo.  I really love this one. 

Friday, August 27, 2021

The Friday Link for 8/27/21

This week's Friday Link we revisit Jelle's Marble League, about the only sport today that doesn't make me pull my hair out!

In case you don't remember, last year, when the Corona Virus was at full speed, all the sports leagues shut down out of safety.  This left many people who lived for sports desperate for any competition.  What I found, and posted last year in a Friday Link, was Jelle's Marble League, which not only fulfilled the empty void of sports, it actually was better than most sports leagues in many different ways.

What really makes this sports league great is Greg Woods, the sensational play by play guy they have who adds the perfect amount of excitement to these competitions.

With the Olympics ending three weeks ago, the Twins sucking, the Vikings looking like they will suck and the likelihood most Minnesota sports teams will be horrible all year round, enjoy the sports league which actually makes you like competition again.  

Four of this years events for you.  Catch the rest up on YouTube!

There is a game promo at the beginning of the first three events posted here.

Stay safe! Get vaccinated!

Have a wonderful and safe weekend!

Friday, August 20, 2021

The Friday Link for 8/20/21

Let's go to the Fair...well maybe not in person this year.

After the Minnesota State Fair decided to only encourage face mask wearing, and to not mandate it, and decided not to have a vaccine mandate for all fair goers, many people changed their mind and said "maybe we'll pass on attending this year's Minnesota State Fair," which begins next Thursday in Falcon Heights, just north of St. Paul.  Not only is the Fair a mess of people in a non pandemic year, but you already know plenty of people will take the State Fair's stance as 'validation' there's nothing to worry about, heading to the fairgrounds with zero regard for anyone but themselves.

I guarantee many sick people, both knowingly and unknowingly, will attend the Fair. My guess is you'll see the super spreader event begin before the end of the Fair on Labor Day.


I'm not going.  I might make a weekday morning run on a rainy day to get certain favorite foods and bring them back home, but 30 minutes tops, and only when the place is relatively empty.  And that is a BIG if.

For this weeks link, a few Fair videos for you. Starting off with a KARE 11 bit on the history of the Fair. 

Also from KARE 11 is a history of the Grandstand piece they did in 2009. 

From the Minnesota Historical Society, here are some historical films from the Fair.

And finally the KARE 11 piece where they compared the Minnesota and Iowa State Fair. I spent three years covering the Iowa State Fair, so I can tell you authoritatively, Minnesota is better, far better! That being said, if you want either a better pork chop, a plethora of pandering politicians, or a fair which is FAR more farmer and Ag industry geared, than Iowa beats Minnesota.  For overall fun, it's not even close; Minnesota. Sorry, but it's the truth.

Every time a governor, a city, or an event (like a State Fair) tries the "Personal Responsibility" method of dealing with the Corona Virus, it's becomes a nightmare. We know what we need to do, and yet too many people are intentionally ignoring the right path.  Many people are getting sick.  WAY to many people have died.

Get vaccinated, wear a mask, socially distance.

I don't want you dead,
I don't want you sick,
And I don't want you bankrupted by medical bills.

Be careful.  Have a great weekend.

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Painting the Whole Picture

Are you ready for it?  Seriously, you'd better brace yourself for the Republicans of Minnesota and this country to give you whiplash with the argument they'll be trying to make all next year during the mid term election cycle.

Republicans in 2022 - "Where did you EVER get the idea we were against vaccines, masks and common sense pandemic safety measures?"

I don't Minnesota, a few weeks after the Republican Senate majority Leader and the House minority leader demanded the state reopen on the Minnesota Capitol steps as we began to see the worst spike in COVID cases, Sen. Majority Leader Paul Gazelka decided to have a celebration party after the MNGOP held the MN Senate, a celebration which did not follow pandemic safety protocol (they seem to have purposely dismissed safety procedures) did not include mask wearing and did not include social distancing,  and did indeed turn into a CoronaVirus super spreader event, likely killing one of their own Senators.  And THEN they returned to work in the MN Senate and NEVER TOLD THE DEMOCRATS IN THE CHAMBER THEY WERE WORKING WITH A BUNCH OF SICK PEOPLE!!!

Thank God the GOP is not in charge of this state.

Since June, I've noticed most Republicans have started to try to soften their rhetoric in regards to vaccines and Corona Virus safety measures.  Most of them now are openly saying they encourage people to get the vaccine, and follow safety protocols.  But they falsely try to paint this as a 'personal choice' issue, generally followed by their own contradicting advice, dismissing their safety language.  This is clearly paving the road so they can try to scream away their real behavior in 2022 when people point out their complete message, something many Republicans eagerly will want the voters to forget.

NEVER FORGET, even if a Republican was talking common sense about getting vaccinated and following safety protocols, they usually followed it up with one of the following five messages which INTENTIONALLY undermined their message:

1) "Sure you can wear a mask and socially distant, but unlike THOSE sacred wussies cowering in fear in their basements, I'm not afraid of the world!"  They have said this for the last year.  Only recently have some Republicans dropped the language.  Still there are many who continue to push this fake "we're not scared" mantra.

2) "They want you to wear masks but our kids can't breathe!" If your kid can't breath though a simple mask, you probably want to get them checked out at the hospital, as preexisting breathing conditions are a major contributor to sever COVID cases.  They're only using the 'what about ht children' tone to scare people into agreeing with them.  

3) It's REALLY hollow to say you are for vaccines and masks now when for a year and a half the Republicans of this country have been screaming "Reopen Everything!" In many states they have reopened, and the Delta Variant of the Corona Virus is predictably spiraling out of control.  After you give the villagers the plague, it's an empty gesture to then say the dying masses "make sure to wash you hands!"

4)  The amount of Republican politicians who will try to argue 'I was for vaccines and masks' by insisting an individual can make a personal choice about both, but then go out of their way to prevent cities, counties, schools and public institutions for instituting mask and vaccine policies.  It takes a real horrible person to go out of their way to make sure people are less safe.  The entities who want to install these mask and vaccine requirements are people who will be held accountable by their local jurisdictions/voters, but because Republicans know the local voters will go along with them, they try to stop them from doing what they think is best.  IT's very similar to outstate Republicans trying to stop the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul from installing a higher minimum wage (How dare they!).  It's terrifying how many people Republicans have likely killed with their policies during this pandemic.

5) "FREEDOM!!!" The pageantry and theatrics Republicans embrace to undermine their own message on COVID safety usually culminates with some sort argument they are super patriotic, not willing to sacrifice their freedoms for anyone. A minor inconvenience for the safety and benefit of all, INCLUDING YOURSELF, is not a violation of your freedoms. And Patriotism means caring for your fellow countryman and woman, NOT engaging in selfish behavior where you demand the world give you what you want.  That's just pathetic, and anti Christian too!

The real wild card in 2022 is the Minnesota media.  Many of them will allow the Republicans to completly rewrite their legacy and act as if they've always been for vaccines and masks.  If I'm the Minnesota DFL, I'm finding EVERY Republican house members/statewide race candidates comments about both vaccines and masks and preparing targeted ads which will blanket the state.  If they want try to rewrite their legacy on COVID 19 as anything but dangerous and deadly, then they should have their own words thrown back in their faces.

Friday, August 13, 2021

The Friday Link for 8/13/21

For the Friday Link this week I want to revisit a group of men who were my heroes, the First Minnesota at Gettysburg.

I've often stated the Minnesotans who died that day saved the Union, and they did!  It cost them most of their unit, but for five minutes of pure hell and glory they held back a FAR larger Confederate force (for five minutes!!!) and saved the field for the Union. They knew exactly what they were headed for, and they never even flinched. 

This clip is actually from the position on the field where the First Minnesota made their great sacrifice. I tear up every time I think about what those Minnesotans did. 

Bravery.  But let's change course.

For something completely different, and hilarious, let's visit ZeFrank and two of his True Facts videos! 

I don't want you sick.
I don't want you dead.
I don't want you bankrupt.

PLEASE get vaccinated and stay safe. Thanks. 

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Yes, Trump Tried to Overthrow the US Government To Stay In Power

A brief history lesson.  In late January of 1933, Adolf Hitler was sworn in as Chancellor of Germany, but his Nazi Party did not have the majority of the seats in the Reichstag (the German Legislature) at the time. Hitler called for a new parliamentary election, which was scheduled for early March of 1933. Hitler's goal was to get a full majority in the Reichstag and abolish Democracy through legal channels.  The election strategy was to target the Communist Party seats which would then give Hitler the ability to do whatever he wanted in regards to Legislation, even dissolving Democracy.

Then the Reichstag was burned to the ground.

The fire happened the evening of February 27th.  There's a fairly consistent consensus that Marinus Van der Lubbe, a communist extremist, acted alone in the arson, but even immediately after the fire, critics in England and the United States (remember when every decent person in this country used to HATE the Nazis?) became skeptical of the incredible luck Hitler and the Nazi's had with such an attack.  The day after the fire, the Reichstag Fire Decree was signed, basically removing most Germans civil liberties.  Where the March election still didn't give Hitler the 2/3rd's majority he needed for the Enabling Act, the one piece of legislation which gave Hitler all power in Germany, between the continued post fire extreme fear mongering of Communists, and with many member of the Social Democratic Party (the only party who could actually stop Hitler) being arrested to prevent them from showing up for the vote, the Enabling Act passed and...well, we know the rest.

There are a few strong pieces of evidence that the fire was an inside job by the Nazis. A history teacher I had in Germany for a college class on the subject mentioned the election prior to the fire was not looking like it would go the Nazi's way, and there was a real chance the Communists would pick up seats, costing Hitler his majority. There was also sworn testimony, certified in 1955, from a former SA unit member who said he was tasked with getting Van der Lubbe to the Reichstag, AND the building was already on fire when they arrived.  And in 1943, Herman Göring was openly bragging about setting the fires himself.

The goal for Hitler and the Nazi's was to take over Germany by getting control of the Legislature and shutting it down.  They tried to win on normal election methods, but when that failed, they used the attack on the Legislature to install Hitler as Dictator. Goodbye German democracy.

Over the last four years, I've written about the concern people have had about a self centered, mentally compromised, ego maniac who is clearly only on this planet for self gratification becoming President of the United States.  When Trump won in 2016, buoyed by a Republican Party where "owning the Liberals" was the only thing that matter, something Trump played like a fiddle, I (in stunned disbelief) really started to ask how flexible the US Government system really was and if it could survive a President who wanted to install himself as leader for life.

After reviewing the timeline of events from Trump and the White House between the Election Day 2020 and 1/6, after the litany of books being released on the subject over the last few weeks, to the shocking reveal by the Department of Justice that Trump seems to have tried to order them to delegitimize the election adding "...just say the election was corrupt, leave the rest to me and R Congressmen," it's time we call what happened what it really was.

Donald Trump and his Republican Allies in his Administration, as well as certain Republicans in Congress, tried to overthrow a legitimate election and (in turn) overthrow Democracy itself.

Let me repeat that:

Donald Trump and his Allies in his Administration, as well as certain Republicans in Congress, certain political activists, and various right wing/pro-fascism/racist organizations tried to overthrow the legitimate election of 2020, and (in turn) overthrow Democracy itself.

Make no mistake, this would have been the end of the American experiment as we know it.  You can't do what they clearly were trying to do and then ever expect to walk the country back into Democracy. Once you cheat on such an obscene level to win, when it looks like you're about to lose again, you'll shrug your shoulders and take the cheating path every time. 

We came closer than I ever imagined to watching the USA fall.  If Vice President Pence would've caved on his responsibility, this would've been a huge mess. Instead he followed the Constitution and ended up running for his life as Trump turned the mob against him.  For God's sake Trump’s mob was screaming to "Hang Mike Pence!" 

If not for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, not exactly the most liberal group, who held the line by telling Trump point blank we will not deploy US troops against our own Citizens.  It sounds as if our military leaders had made a pact to be the last stop against the fall of American Democracy, but the White House was undeniably testing the barrier.

And it should be noted just enough Republicans, the ones whose names would've been the ultimate decision makers in certain states, the ones who would've been the defendants called into court to explain their treasonous decisions if they went along with Trump, found enough courage to say "No, I am not going to be part of this."

If not for those three groups of people, goodbye America. 

This is why everyone who was complacent with this travesty is now desperately trying to rewrite what happened as harmless fun.  It wasn't.  It was an attempted overthrow of Democracy, thankfully attempted by the dumbest people in the country.

I was in the US Army.  If I was on a guard post, and a person was trying to crawl through a smashed in window to get at a member of my chain of command [2 Points: 1) Speaker Pelosi is the 3rd most powerful person in American Democracy, hence she is actually in the Chain of Command, and 2) Ashli Babbitt was not trying to deliver a well worded list of demands to the Speaker. She was a terrorist; a traitor to the country looking to attack and likely physically harm the Speaker.]  I would've dropped her, without even thinking about it.

The reality is Trump and his supporters are a small minority of this country.  We need to hold them accountable and make sure we turn everyone involved in the attack on our country on 1/6 into the villains they truly are.

Friday, August 6, 2021

The Friday Link for 8/6/21

For the Friday Link this week, I want to look back on a movie from long ago, Gold Diggers of 1933. 

I was reminded of this film when I visited with the MST3K and RiffTrax host Bill Corbett earlier this week on my radio show. He was talking about how much he has enjoyed looking back at the classic movies over the last year and this is definitely one of them.  The scope of this Hollywood musical is amazing.

When I started watching this film, I had no idea how great it was, nor how many great songs came from the film.

I did find the the tribute to the WWI soldiers at the end to be quite wonderful, and sobering.  Not the ending I was expecting from this film.

Here are a few clips for you to enjoy.  I do highly recommend the whole film.  Let's start with a Ginger Rogers classic.

The next scene is a little risqué and that kid is just plain creepy... 

And finally the ending with the stunning (I still have a crush on her ) Joan Blondell. 

Have a great weekend.  Get vaccinated and stay safe!

Friday, July 30, 2021

The Friday Link for 7/30/21

I've truly loved watching the Tokyo Olympics.  To be fair, I still question the judgement of them having the games during a pandemic, but watching athletes compete for this country reminds me of one of the things that is great about the United States.

But you hear a very different story coming from the Republican Right today.  Athletes showing their personal feelings about politics, racial injustice and social issues has so infuriated many Republicans, the party of Reagan has taken to openly rooting against their own country out of spite.  Shame on those whose patriotism is so bare thread thin that they eagerly abandon it when that patriotism is deserved and demanded by a person who has spent their life working to represent the USA on the international stage, but doesn't wear a MAGA hat.  If you do so, you can never judge my patriotism, or anyone else's, ever again.

Here are some of my favorite moments from the first week of the games, starting with St. Paul's Suni Lee stepping into an incredibly stressful situation and winning gold in the all around gymnastic final!

The best swimming story so far is Bobby Finke who wins the 800m freestyle gold OUT OF NOWHERE!  I cant remember ever watching a race where the winner wasn't even being mentioned until the last 20 feet.  His rush at the end completely caught the announcers off guard, and was a great moment. 

Another great part of the Olympics is when the US team wins a gold, or any medal, in a sport we've never been able to excel at ("Here comes Diggins!!!").  It happened in Women's fencing, individual foil where Lee Kiefer took the gold. 

The rest of the world is starting to catch up to the US in certain sports.  Women's soccer is one of them, and (because I like competition) I'm glad to see this.  The Women's team has had a rough Olympics, losing to Sweden and tying another game. They advanced and took on a Dutch team which could have VERY easily won this match. If you want to see a dagger, watch Megan Rapinoe's unstoppable kick in the end to win it for the USA.  No goalie could stop that shot.

Finally, another gold medal in a sport we never medaled in, and it is wonderful!  Watch Anastasija Zolotic beat the crap out of this Russian and take home the gold for the first time in taekwondo.  Out freaking standing! USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!

The Delta Variant of the Corona Virus is not a joke.  
I don't want you dead.
I don't want you sick.
I don't want you bankrupt.

PLEASE get vaccinated.
Please wear a mask.

Thank you.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Busy Day

Let’s take an inventory of all the things we’ve learned from the 1/6 Commission (and the Commission’s repercussions) in the first 24 Hours(!) of said Commission.


  • Trump and his White House were actively trying to get the Department of Justice to overturn the election without any evidence of wrongdoing in said election.
  • Trump seemed to be trying to bribe officials into overturning the election.
  • Trump’s private attorneys were pressuring the DOJ to overturn the election
  • Trump seemed to threaten DOJ officials to be loyal to him, NOT the country.
  • Trump removed DOJ personnel who were not loyal to his cause. They actually are hired to work for the United States.
  • Trump was ordering state officials in states he lost in the 2020 election to “find” him votes
  • Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows was actively trying to get Attorney General Jeffery Rosen to not only take laughable conspiracy theories as factual truth, but he was also demanding the DOJ overturn a legal election solely on the mere existence of the EASILY PROVEN FALSE conspiracy theories.
  • The Capitol police were attacked with intent.
  • The 1/6 Insurrectionists were there to overthrow the government unless Trump was installed as President
  • The 1/6 Insurrectionists were there because they themselves repeatedly stated Trump told them to be there
  • The 1/6 Insurrectionists were there to hurt, kill and injure anyone they thought was in their way
  • The 1/6 Insurrectionists repeatedly vocalized anti-American, racist, bigoted, and anti-Christian comments
  • The 1/6 Insurrectionists were terrorists
  • Conservatives faced with the reality of what Trump and his supporters did on 1/6, have ether chosen to cowardly saw nothing, or (even more cowardly) to attack the Capitol Police who were violently attacked.
  • The Republicans narratives of being ‘pro-Cop,’ ‘pro-Law and Order,’ and pro-Patriotism’ are not true, only invoked when it is convenient for their political narrative.
  • The police unions who usually defend police officers under attack have openly refused to support the Capitol Police (my guess is because their politics are more important than their members)
  • The Far Right media has gone on the offensive to attack the police officers who were attacked on 1/6
  • Jim Jordon, the Ohio Congressman who the Republicans demanded be part of the 1/6 Commission, after refusing to answer questions about his communications around 1/6, namely if he talked with Trump about the riots, finally admitted he had been in contact with Trump on 1/6 directly (and remember, the Republican leadership VERY LIKELY knew this, helped him keep it quiet and they still were trying to get him on the 1/6 Commission).


You probably didn’t know any of this if you only watch and view Right leaning media (well outside of the coordinated attacks on the officers by the Fox News talking heads).  The media that is trying to prevent you from hearing the truth is not on the Left.

Friday, July 23, 2021

The Friday Link for 7/23/21

Exhausted because I have had unexpected craziness.

With the Olympics beginning, let's look at some of the best moments from the Olympics over the last few years.  Enjoy.

This one makes you play back on YouTube, but it's worth it. 

Have a great weekend.  Be healthy, be safe.

Please get vaccinated! I don't want you dead, sick or bankrupt.

Friday, July 16, 2021

The Friday Link for 7/16/21

This week we head to Antartica! 

I love my wife and kids, and I love living in Minnesota and being a radio host, but I have to be honest.  If I was offered a 3 or 6 month tour to Antartica, I would do it in a heartbeat! 

Antartica is really the last great wilderness on the planet.  Mostly untamed, it would present an opportunity to say you had gone and worked someplace really unique.  I'm also amazed at the trip it takes to get there; as small as our world is, it takes a lot of effort and time to get there. 

And no matter what job a person would have down there, you would be in some way helping one of the greatest scientific communities ever assembled.  I might not be a scientist in any of the major fields of desire for Antartica, but everyone there, from the cooks to the mechanics to the cleaning people, EVERYONE is part of one of the most dedicated scientific communities you'll ever see.  You're doing something important there, and that's wildly appealing.

It also seems to be apparent that most of the people who do go work in a support role in Antartica come from NASA to work on small engine repair, come from a 5 Star restaurant to make pizza, or deliver their Master's Thesis to take a job scrubbing bathrooms.  So far no call back on my application...

PBS' Nova went there and sent back some great videos on life in Antartica.  My bags are packed and ready to go when needed!  

I really did enjoy the "how do you feed all these people" video.

Have a healthy and safe weekend everyone.

Please get vaccinated and stay safe.


Friday, July 9, 2021

The Friday Link for 7/9/21

Howdy all!  

I want to preface this Friday Link with a note.  This week's post isn't about shaming people's diets.  I have three kids and there are plenty of nights I've had to grab something convenient for dinner and run with it.  My kids ate mac and cheese, hot dogs, occasional fast food and pizza.

I'll add my family made the decision to try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day, and to try to make as much of our food as possible.  While for many people that sounds simple, that is freaking expensive. Many people eat convenience food not only for ease and schedule sanity, but because much of it is the most affordable food out there.

Do what you like, and be happy.  This is more informational than anything else.  I think these videos stuck with me because with my recent health crisis, I've been on a bit of a restrictive diet.  One of the biggest things I had to reduce was processed foods.  

The BBC put out a series on the rise of eating processed foods in England, but I think this is pretty close to how many people in the United States eat too.  It's amazing to see how processed foods have infiltrated most people's diets, but let's start there.  What makes a processed food, processed?  

Next up, now that we know what makes processed foods processed, how much has a diet changed over the last few decades?  Is it really that bad?  Once again this is the UK, but I think it translates directly to what's been going on in this country.

Here's where I will disagree a little with the BBC program.  I know a lot of people whose families eat processed foods but are very physically active and are in shape.  The most important thing to do when it comes to fighting weight issues is being active.  That being said I can say I know a lot of people who eat a lot of processed foods who do seem to be sick on a regular basis, and more often.  Just an observation.

Finally the host goes the path of eating processed foods at a pretty good tilt for 30 days.  I don't really need the part about his bathroom issues, but the results are predictable, and shockingly fast.  Mind you when that one guy did this with MacDonald's food for 30 days, that was fast food, but I think most of us wouldn't feel the result would be the same for processed foods.  Well...

Quick story before I wrap up tonight. I have a friend who signed up for one of those meal services, where they send you a supposedly healthy "gourmet" meal, for a bit of a premium price.  They initially raved about them, how they were so much better than the food she could make at home, and just as healthy, or she thought.  A month into her new diet plan, she was picking up weight and eventually came to the realization that even though these meals were marketed as healthy, they were far from it, harboring FAR more ultra processing in the final product.  She quit the meal plan, and immediately said the headache she'd had (similar to the host) went away after three days.

This is why the Minnesota DFL ensuring SNAP benefits being able to be spent at local farmer's markets with the Market Bucks program is such a win.  Just because you are on food assistance shouldn't mean you shouldn't have access to healthy, quality food.  And it helps the local farmer too.

Please, I beg of you, get vaccinated.  Stay safe and healthy.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Friday, July 2, 2021

The Friday Link for 7/2/21

It's the weekend of Independence Day and I hope you are able to enjoy.  Considering most of the state is a fire waiting to happen, I'd suggest holding off on fireworks, but my guess is my pleas won't be heard over them.  Please be careful and enjoy the 4th!

I'm mailing it in this weekend, as I'm still recovering from my medical issues.  Making my life easy, and your life funnier, by going to one of my favorites, RiffTrax.

This short on 'Patriotism' from RiffTrax is brand new, sensational and (my guess) was court ordered for 'Hogan's Heroes' Bob Crane. Mike, Kevin and Bill (He's the cool one!) make you laugh. Isn't THAT America!

A few of the RiffTrax are just classics, and I encourage you to watch them all and find your favorite. Birdemic is just a plain garbage movie, but it's made better with the running commentary. Enjoy!

Follow and subscribe to RiffTrax.  Catch their live shows if you can.  

Have a great weekend.  

Please get vaccinated if you haven't.  Stay healthy and safe.

First Minnesota

We are well into the season of summertime celebrations, community get togethers which occur over the weekends in big cities and small towns across Minnesota.  If you haven't enjoyed one, especially some of the adorable small town celebrations, I highly encourage a road trip.  Explore Minnesota has a full rundown of festivals and events across Minnesota all summer long.

Sadly, there's another unfortunate tradition which will occur across the state this Independence Day weekend and throughout the summer.  While the United States' Stars and Stripes is by far the most common flag you will see across the state, occasionally you'll witness the flying of the Confederate flag as well, the flag of the enemy of the United States, an insurrectionist army which attacked the United States in an effort to continue slavery as a way of life.

Let me be very clear.  As a veteran of the US Army, I do understand the 1st Amendment, and if you so choose to express your Freedom of Speech by flying that flag, that's your right.  I won't respect you, but I do respect your right to display the flag of an enemy of the United States (fact).  I'll proudly be flying the Stars and Stripes.  The point of this note is to express my concern over official vehicles (fire trucks, police cars, vehicles carrying local elected officials) which seem to pop up in some of these community celebrations/parades, proudly displaying the flag of the Confederacy. 

In Minnesota, this is especially a heinous act when you look back at the bravery and sacrifice of the 1st Minnesota at Gettysburg on July 2nd, 1863.

Although this post is about to become a history lesson, this isn't about debating critical race theory, or whether we should even mention the traditional Native American name for Fort Snelling (Bdote, which is cool!).  This isn't about revisiting a white-centric cultural hero, like Columbus, whose undeniable negative checklist far outweighs his contributions. This is about whether the same people who claim to be proud Minnesotans can claim to be so if they embrace the flag of the Confederacy, and in turn ignore the near immeasurable sacrifice of the 1st Minnesota.

In the late afternoon of July 2nd, 1863, little more than five years after Minnesota had become a state, the Union had a major hole in its line on Cemetery Ridge at Gettysburg.  The 2nd day of fighting had been brutal with the Confederacy looking to end the war once and for all by overrunning the Union line.  As the Union troops were trying desperately to hold the hill, a major hole opened up and near 1200 southern troops marched forward.  The only unit which could stop them was the grossly outnumbered 1st Minnesota.  They had 262 men.

They never hesitated.  The 1st Minnesota charged into the fray. The chaos and insanity which unfolded in the next few minutes is hard to comprehend.  Within five minutes, 215 of the 262 men of the 1st Minnesota fell.  When the soldier carrying the Minnesota colors was killed, another dropped their weapon and grabbed the flag.  Five times that happened IN FIVE MINUTES.  Minnesota's brave, courageous and desperate sacrifice held until reinforcements arrived.  The 82% casualty rate still stands as the US Army's largest loss of life of any unit which still stood at the end of the battle.  Minnesota's colors never were captured, and are on display at the Capitol in the rotunda.  Most important, the Union line held for the day.

In case I'm burying the lead, Minnesota saved the Union from the traitorous Confederates on July 2nd 1863.  That's not just an opinion.  Major General Hancock who had ordered the 1st Minnesota into the Confederate line considered them to be entitled to the rank of "saviors of their country." Minnesota has a large memorial in Gettysburg describing their sacrifice.  I wept openly in its shadow.

There are a few books dedicated to that pivotal moment at Gettysburg, and that pivotal moment of the Civil War, which I encourage you to read.  I don't do the 1st Minnesota the justice they deserve.

When I've seen a Confederate flag on an official vehicle or on an official display at a Minnesota festival, I don't go and try to rip in down.  I don't scream about how the people who put it up are racist.  I simply ask if the people flying the flag know anything about the 1st Minnesota.  They always say no.  I then inform them of whose side they are taking by flying the Confederate flag, usually as they clearly get more and more uncomfortable with their decisions. 

Now that you know about the 1st Minnesota's history, it's up to Minnesotans to determine if flying the Confederate flag is appropriate (although I can argue flying it around the United State's Independence Day seems misguided).  If you do fly a Confederate Flag in an official capacity in Minnesota, then do not tell me you're a proud Minnesotan.  A proud Minnesotan would know their history and would always put the 1st Minnesota First, well ahead of the enemies of Minnesota and the United States.

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Flowers From The First Half of 2021

Although I had a bit of a health scare, I did manage to make it out and take a few photos this year.  Here are some of the better flower photographs I took fro the first half of 2021.