Friday, July 31, 2020

The Friday Link for 7/31/20

This week, I hand it over to Sam Jones and his sensational interview show, 'off Camera.'

Sam might be the best interviewer in years, possibly since Carson, but I was always a fan of Oprah, Dick Cavett, and Terry Gross too.  His ability to convert the interview into a conversation is exceptional, and is incredibly natural.  This requires a ton of preparation before sitting down.  

But it's more than that.  His style opens up the guest, creating an ambiance more akin to two friends having a chat.  The star is the focus, but Sam controls the conversation, an ever present guide to get to the end of the story. 

I've quickly become a fan.

First up two cuts from Sam's Bill Hader interview:

Here is a cut from his interview with Daniel Radcliffe.

A great clip of Elijah Wood talking about shooting Lord of The Rings.

And finally Bob Odenkirk talks about the lessons he learned from Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad which he then applied to his show Better Call Saul.

Have a great beginning of August everyone! 

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