• Dennis Breisler What are you smoking I need some.
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    • The Morning Grind with Matt McNeil Read the column. It IS in the paper. Ha!
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    • Dennis Breisler I did and I listen to what he said. Try it sometime. Oh I don't always agree with him. But he makes you think.
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    • The Morning Grind with Matt McNeil I did read his ignorant column. That's the whole point. Maybe You should be the one who questions what you so blindly follow.
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    • Dennis Breisler I don't blindly follow him. Maybe you should go back and my post.
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    • The Morning Grind with Matt McNeil No, I am reading your dickish posts right. I don't know too many people who defend someone they only mildly agree with. You are his fan and you rushed to his defense, but tried to disguise it. As far as Souchy, the 'liberals' at Safari Club International even disagree with him. And he really must hate chipmunks and zoos, high moral ground indeed. And he did insist no one rides the light rail and the only reason the GOP losses in St. Paul is because of bus loads of homeless exchanging votes for cigarettes. Good luck with that.
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    • Dennis Breisler I'm not going to argue with a closed minded high and might it's only my way person.
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    • The Morning Grind with Matt McNeil Okay, pick a fight you think you can win, and when you can't defend the undefendable and you start getting your caboose handed to you a platter, run away. I guess that's easier than admitting you, and the guy you're defending, are wrong. A lot more cowardly, but hey, at least you think you saved face. HA!
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    • Dennis Breisler Look I told you I don't agree with all the time. But you chose to ignore that. That's fine I watch and listen to all sides. Not single minded listener you have. If something's not right on ether side I will state My opinion. Sorry for working you up into a lather.
    • The Morning Grind with Matt McNeil I think you're lying. I just looked at your Facebook page and you sure seem to like far righto's and Fox News. You think you're the first guy who comes to me and throws himself on a sword for a guy, who you insist you only agree with part of the time? Maybe you wish he was more extreme to the right. I think you're a hack and you don't like getting called out on it. What all sides do you listen to? KSTP AND Fox news? I do read all points of view and make up my own mind. Then I can defend my points. I think you want your opinion validated, and act as if being told what to think is original thought. For God's Sake, you follow and like Dinesh D'Souza. That tells me a lot about you. Its a shame. The beer joke about dancing is funny, and as a veteran, I believe we should fund all care for the troops too (Health care, mental health care, education, job placement and benefits) prior to sending troops to fight. But your fake pedigree, representing yourself as neutral when you clearly aren't, negates any ability to actually have a discussion with you.
    • The Morning Grind with Matt McNeil

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