Friday, September 18, 2020

The Friday Link for 9/18/20

I love the two Blade Runner movies.  Watching the first one today, it's remarkable how well the movie holds up, a futuristic pulp noir masterpiece, with vision and style.

The second movie is equally as beautiful, taking place a few decades after the first movie.  The cinematography alone in the second movie is unbelievable, on par with the best of all time.

One thing they did as a bridge between the two movies is create three little short films which connect the two movies.

The first one explains the supposed 2022 black out, a recurring plot point from the 2nd movie.  It's anime, because it would cost a ton to make a real world version of this. 

The next short is an explanation film.  After the blackout, replicants were made illegal.  Enter Jared Leto's Niander Wallace in 2036, a man who has invented a new version of replicant.  His job is to convince the leaders of Earth to allow replicants to go back into production.

Finally, we fast forward to 2048. A replicant on the run named Sapper Morton (who happens to play a substantial early role in Blade Runner 2049) shows up on the streets.  This short sets up the 2nd movie. Dave Bautista, who most people know as Drax from the Guardians of the Galaxy films, is one heck of a good actor.

I highly encourage you to watch the first movie, then these three shorts, and then the 2nd film in order, but most people don't have 6 hours of spare time. Watch when it's convenient.

Have a great weekend everyone, except for those who are happy Ruth Bader Ginsburg died. The hell with all of you sick twisted people.

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