Friday, August 7, 2020

The Friday Link for 8/7/20

You know I love history.  I spend a lot of time on Minneapolis/St. Paul history, Minnesota history and Civil War history, but one of the things I enjoy is lost history, stories which make you sit back and ask "how did we ever forget this happened?"

Let me introduce you to The History Guy!  His tag line is 'History Deserves to be Remembered' and he does not disappoint.  Here's a guy who is incredibly smart, a very polished presenter and willing to talk about lost history with passion and urgency.  Watch this and see how good this guy is, but also watch because you'll ask how did we ever forget this stuff!

First up, the case which pretty much ended the idea of frontier justice in America, a gun battle which lead to a lot of local officials dead.  It happened in 1912, little more than 100 years ago!  The History Guy takes on the Hillsville Massacre.

Next up is the somewhat gruesome story of the cadaver trade in America in the 1800's, and the case which pretty much created laws to end such barbaric behavior. The History Guy tells of the grave robbery of the only man who was the son of one President and father of another, the Harrison Horror.  YES!  They stole that guy's body!  It's easy to understand why some people did not trust science and medicine back then when you realize what the doctors were up to.

Finally, a lost piece of World War II history.  The first major amphibious landing of Allied forces in the war was the attempt to take French Vichy Madagascar.  It didn't go as planned, but lessons were learned which aided in future assaults by Allied forces. 

Enjoy browsing this guys videos.  They are addictive.  Have a great weekend everyone! 

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