Friday, August 21, 2020

The Friday Link for 8/21/20

Usually around the Super Bowl I'll post commercials as part of the Friday Link, but this week I stumbled upon a couple of long form ads which are quite good.

Yes these are ads for Apple computer things, but this is by no means an endorsement.  The ads are good though, so don't be surprised if you end up starting to yearn.

Both of these ads have been cut down into more presentable :30 second ads for traditional advertising, but to appreciate them, you need to look at them in their complete form, because they do tell a great (and relatable) story.

The first of the two ads is from last year.  It's about a plucky team in some nameless company who gets an opportunity to pitch an idea to the big boss.  It plays out well; with recognizable moments from the business world. Here is 'Apple at Work':

But the better of the two ads is the follow up ad, 'Work From Home,' and it seriously deserves an award.  Our same plucky team is back, and now they have an even bigger challenge...with boxes.  Same people, but more engaging because it captures the modern work from home world many of us have to navigate.  Twice as long, but better than the first one. 

That's a good ad.

Finally tonight is the shocking demise of the Bon Appetit You Tube Channel.  It was only a few months back I was featuring these guys regularly on the Friday Link.  Currently they are on "hiatus."  When a media outlet is getting 10 million hits on videos and they suddenly go dark, something bad happened.  

It was systemic racism in the test kitchens, exposed after an executive had displayed unGodly bad judgment and was caught having done brown face a few years back.  That horrible action aside, the test kitchen clearly wasn't a happy place to work for many of the chefs and minority staff (including one of my favorites Priya). The dam finally burst a few weeks back. Six of the channel's chefs have resigned and there doesn't seem to be any new videos in the works with the remaining staff.  

The You Tube channel Jack Saint has a good breakdown of what exactly happened. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend.  Be safe.

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