Friday, January 31, 2020

The Friday Link for 1/31/20

The Friday Link this week will bring a smile to your face after a God awful day for our Democracy.

Thanks to Showtime for posting the entire first episode of Season 3 of Our Cartoon President.  Nothing captures the political chaos of today, from both sides, better than Our Cartoon President.  The scene where McConnell says "we don't care, and we have the votes" was like it was drawn this afternoon.

Plus there are SO many jokes in here.  I love when CNN goes to their 'Posture Panel" and behind the main characters is Anderson Cooper with like 8 other people to talk posture. Brilliant!


Have a great weekend everyone.  May God save the United States of America from the Republican Party!

Bon Appétit

I never realized how much I missed the old Food Network until I watched my first season of the 'Great British Bakeoff.'

When Food Network began, it was food porn.  Amazingly talented chefs making great meals, and showing you how to make them yourself.  It was never supposed to be dumbed down, or simple.  It was geared to be as accessible a you wanted it to be.  'Yes cleaning a lobster is work, but you don't have to do it if you don't want to.  If you want to try, here's how to do it.'  It was never apologetic for having top notch chefs explain how to cook good food right, complicated or not, and to share their opinions.

But eventually they shifted away from real cooking, and became obsessed with competition shows, flashy gimmicks and F-list celebrities screaming "they're in it to win it!"  Gone were the Anthony Bourdain's and the Emeril Lagasse's, and in their place was unqualified personalities talking about how a box cake mix was just as good as homemade (looking directly at you Sandra Lee).

For a better perspective, Alton Brown, whose 'Good Eats' show was darn entertaining, was one of the weaker shows in their early lineup. Today, Alton Brown is probably the most seasoned chef still on air, but he no longer delivers simple recipes delivered with comedy and cooking smarts.  Now he tells people they have to make pancakes with no eggs, to be cooked on a snow shovel.

If Food Network had done the 'Great British Bakeoff,' all the chefs would be pretty people hamming it up for the camera, or tattooed, pierced, gothed up pseudo-punks.  The baked goods would have to include stupid ingredients like candy corn or musk ox liver.  They'd have a bikini week!  Gradually they'd take away utensils the bakers needed, all while Kate Gosselin screamed how "that's the most delicious candy corn and musk ox focaccia bread I've ever tasted!" It would be an unmitigated disaster.  Food Network would run it for 15 years.

I'd stopped watching Food Network when their evenings seemed to be 40 episodes of 'Diners, Drive Ins and Dives.'  For the record, it's a good show for when you travel someplace, researching for restaurants to try.  But most of the time it's just a show about a place that serves a burger with the weird topping of the week (Those Fritos make it the real deal!).  To be positive, I think Ina Garten is still one of the greatest chefs I've ever seen.  But it's too little for me to tune in

The first time I had Bon Appétit's YouTube Channel show up in my suggestion feed, it was for a 'Gourmet Makes' where Chef Claire Saffitz had to make a gourmet version of a gas station food.  I was instantly hooked, not because of the gas station food, but of the brilliance of Claire who, as a really good chef, was applying all her skill and knowledge to try to make a better version of said snack.  I actually featured her on the Friday Link a few months back (

Over the last two and a half months, I have watched probably 60 of the Bon Appétit videos.  'Gourmet Makes' are the best, but I love 'It's Alive' with Brad Leone, 'Reverse Engineering' with Chris Morocco, 'Test Kitchen Talks,' 'From the Test Kitchen,' and pretty much anything with Molly Baz, Carla Music, Priya Krishna, Sohla El-Waylly, and Rick Martinez.  And sweet lord do I love Gaby Melian.  She's adorable!

And they are ALL sensational cooks,  sometimes using strange and exotic ingredients, sometimes just making a bologna sandwich!  They all would put every chef on the Food Network to shame.  I know they would never say that, but I would!   Watch for yourself.  You'll truly enjoy watching cooking shows again.  If you are a foodie like myself, I cannot recommend it enough.

And for the record, Food Network has become over baked.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

The Game

To fully understand why Trump and his re-election campaign abused his office to try to get political dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden, you need to understand what the intent was.  Trump and his minions already know there's no way he'll win against a unified Democratic Party in 2020, so their game plan for 2020 is the same one they used in 2016; split the Democratic Party enough to where a large enough percentage of Democrats either stay at home, or vote for a third party candidate, ensuring the electoral college can be utilized to install Trump as President, offsetting the will of the majority of voters.

First things first.  This is exactly what happened in 2016.  The Trump campaign, with the help of the Russians and other foreign entities, successfully made the Progressive side of the party furious at Hillary Clinton's Democratic Party nomination.  We already know a lot of the "outraged liberals" posting in summer and fall of 2016 were actually Russian bot accounts designed to fuel lingering outrage within Bernie supporters.  It worked.  If you look at the numbers from Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, enough angry Bernie supporters voting FOR Trump were the difference makers in those states.

I know Bernie supporters from 2016 are furious at me for pointing this out, and will always retort with "Well if Hillary Clinton wasn't such a bad candidate..."  First, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 3 million.  Second, what's done is done.  We can't undo history, but we can learn from it.  We didn't know the extent of foreign interference in 2016, how far these fake social media accounts and well funded propaganda groups were willing to go, but we sure as heck know it now.

Trump, the Russians, and the Republicans understand the moral 'Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.'  A lot of progressives who did not vote for Clinton in 2016 have already vowed, no matter who the candidate is, they'll bite their tongue and vote Democrat in 2020.  For Trump, convincing the left of the Democratic Party to reject the Democratic nominee in 2020 will be far more difficult, so in 2020 they're planning on targeting the moderate Democrats.

Trump needs Biden (as well as Klobuchar, Buttigieg, Bloomberg and any other moderate Democrat) out of the race.  They want Bernie as the nominee, but will also take Elizabeth Warren in a pinch. Then Trump's 'divide the Democrats' campaign will be focused on talking to moderate Democrats just like they talked to Progressives in 2016.

Here's what I anticipate a Russian troll account will be like if Bernie or Warren becomes the nominee (This is purposely not factual; rather the rhetoric we should all prepare to get buried in):

  • I'm a proud Democrat, but I'm also a Capitalist.  Socialism?  That's too extreme for me.  Sure affordable college and healthcare are priorities, but free?  Who's going to pay for all of that?  Plus what's with all these new mandates forced on me to save the environment?  Don't get me wrong, I recycle.  I have an electric car.  I hate fossil fuels and plastics like all liberals, but are they going to force me to have to pay for expensive solar panels?  Will I have to bike to work, even in winter? Will I be forced to be a vegetarian?  And sure the tax code needs to be fairer for the working class, but will we really tax the wealthy and corporations at 70, 80 or 90%?  What will happen to my job?  And my church does a lot of good, so why are they talking about taxing them?  I'm not for persecuting religion.  

Mark my words, Trump and the Russians are already putting phrases like these through test groups to determine which ones will have the most impact on encouraging moderate Democrats to flee a Progressive candidate.

To make this plan the most effective it can be, Trump and the Russians will need to prop up (knowingly or unknowingly) a third party candidate.  This would be some Democrat to come out with earnest speeches about how "I hate Trump, but I cannot stand by when my party is being taken over by extremists who seem to hate everything America represents.  If enough Democrats join me, we can beat back the extremes of both parties!"  Republicans know their voters will never leave Trump, so this would specifically target a few million independents and moderate Democrats, just like Jill Stein (knowingly or unknowingly) was used to target just enough far left votes away from Hillary Clinton, ensuring the four years of chaos we have today.

If one of the more moderate Democrats wins the Democratic nomination, Trump and his allies will fall back to their backup plan; trying to alienate the Progressives again.  It won't be as successful as 2016, but it might be just enough.

Democrats, I know many of you are angry about the US only having two political parties each election, instead of a bevy of political parties to pick and choose from, like a democratic buffet.  Meanwhile, Republicans are pushing this country further and further towards a single party, fascist system.  The fight for a more diverse representation is a good one, but it's a fight which will need to take the back burner for 2020.  First, whether you like it or not, the only two choices with any chance at winning are Trump or the Democratic nominee.  That's it!  No spunky upstart third party candidate has a chance.  Second, Republicans KNOW idealist Democrats want to be the idealist, proudly voting for a no chance third party in the face of catastrophe.  Don't let them distract you from the real choice.  Either you think Trump deserves another term, or you vote Democrat, PERIOD!

Repeat after me: I'm going to vote for whomever wins the Democratic Party primary!

I like elements of Biden, and I like elements of Bernie, and I sure like a lot of from every Democratic candidate, but regardless of whomever is left standing in the end (even if it's Tulsi) I'll vote for them.  That's how you beat back the lies.  That's how you win.

If you start questioning your vote for the Democrat, remember this.  Trump has Concentration Camps in the US, camps where children are ripped away from their parents.  Thousands of Latino children have been sexually assaulted in those camps.  Dozens have died due to the conditions they've been held in.  If Trump wins in 2020, those camps will continue, AND GET WORSE!  If you don't vote for the Democratic Candidate, regardless of whomever they are, you're endorsing those Concentration Camps.  Yes!  Not voting at all, or voting for an iceberg's chance in hell candidate, is NOT a viable excuse.  If you don't vote Democrat, YOU ARE ENDORSING ALL OF TRUMP'S HATE!  Fool me once...

My biggest fear?  If it looks like Trump is about to get destroyed by double digits, someone (the Russians, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the Israelis, big Republican business, or Trump himself) will assassinate the Democratic nominee weeks or days before the election.  These people will try to win at ANY cost.  They know chaos is good for them.  If, God forbid, that happens, I hope Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in the US House have the guts to appoint someone other than Trump as President.

Then again, Trump is banking on exploitable fractures in the House Democrats too.

Friday, January 24, 2020

The Friday Link for 1/24/20

Terry Jones died.  He was a member of the greatest comedy sketch group of all time, Monty Python's Flying Circus.  This week I wanted to feature a few of his bits.

For the record, this post will not feature anything from Life of Brian, but not because Jones wasn't good in that.  On the contrary, he was fantastic, but try to find a non controversial scene with him as Brian's mother or as the Hermit.  I was going to actually post the Hermit bit, but that is a lot of Jones nudity!

Also, the restaurant scene from Meaning of Life is another I'll leave for you to find on your own.

Jones was great as Nigel Incubator Jones in the Twit Contest.

Next up is Hell's Grannies!

In Monty Python and The Holy Grail, there is this stupendous scene where Terry Jones only has a few lines, but two of them are some of the funniest of all time.  He worked so well with Michael Palin.

And finally, a revisiting of the Spam skit for a live special.  His dementia took its toll in the end, but this was filmed before he's condition worsened.  A classic comedian in a classic ludicrous skit.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, January 21, 2020


This weekend the Star Tribune published the story of farmers, many of whom have seen their business dramatically hurt by three years of Trump's ham handed trade and Ag policies, still vow their undying support for a guy who will end up costing many of them their farms.  These are the same people who immediately label a Democratic President a massive failure because they're not all billionaires a week into the Democratic President's term.  "I gave them a chance..."

On Saturday night, Trump spoke to Republican donors at Mar-A-Lago.  The donors applauded as Trump recounted the assassination of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani in Iraq like he was a 16 year old, drunk on Special Export.  If a Democrat would've ever given a speech so incompetently and brazen, not only would the same Republicans demand his resignation for his diplomactic insensitivity, they'd actually make FAR more about a Democrat using Trump's language, as his speech was littered with swear words.  Seriously, the same Republicans applauding Trump would demand a Democrat resign due to bad language.

After Trump and the Republicans removed the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate in 2017, Republicans quickly sued saying the Affordable Care Act was illegal because it was now an unfunded mandate.  Knowing the Republican controlled Supreme Court will rule with them, they went through the legal channels to eventually get the bill up to the Supreme Court.  Now, even though the SCOTUS knows the details of the bill and the case, they've decided to hold off their ruling until 2021, to prevent Republicans from having another election cycle wiped out by their war on Obamacare.

The Supreme Court also weighed in on the Impeachment Case, even though one specific Impeachment charge is not in question.  It's clear Trump is guilty of Contempt of Congress.  There's no debate, yet the Republican controlled Supreme Court insisted on hearing the case, effectively giving Republicans an out in regards to the one slam dunk Impeachment Charge against Trump.  Eventually SCOTUS will rule 9-0 or 8-1 the US House can charge Trump with Contempt, allowing Republicans who dismissed the charge against Trump to insist "if only the Democrats would've waited for the Supreme Court.  Me letting Trump go is now on their heads."

Folks, the system is overwhelmingly tilted against the Democrats due to Republicans who view the world through two different lenses: 1) Republicans NEVER make mistakes 2) Democrats are all demon children needing to be condemned constantly.  And why not?  Their success rate in 40 years can't be argued.  Even when they're insane with their direction and motivation (such as when Trump was their Presidential nominee) they know 100 million Americans can be expected to stay home and ignore their craziness.  They dare the other side to hold them accountable and the other side refuses!

The people in power, mainly a handful of millionaires and billionaires and the Republican politicians they control, have convinced poor white Americans to join them.  It's not as if the powerful will reward those rubes.  Of course not.  Poor white Americans are getting screwed over just as bad as everyone who isn't a millionaire, but because the powerful validate their uneducated stereotypes, bigotry and/or racism they've gleefully signed on to allow the powerful to hurt them too.  It worked for the Confederate South, and it still works today.

Now, as the Impeachment Trial of Trump begins, Republicans under the leadership of a clearly compromised Mitch McConnell are writing rules which make this entire proceeding a joke.  They're like the first jury in The Untouchables, paid off to ignore the undeniable crimes.  If these same Republicans caught a Democrat guilty of ONE TENTH of what we have Trump, that Democratic President would already be out of office.

What can Democrats do to try to fix this system?

First off, VOTE!!!  I don't care if you have to drag your friends and family to the polls, DO IT!  For God's sake; after three years of his first term, Trump has Concentration Camps on the US border where children are not only separated from their parents, not only are thousands of young children being sexually assaulted, but the US government isn't even offering these people basic medical care, leading to many deaths.  THAT IS ONE PROBLEM AFTER ONLY THREE YEARS!  This country will be destroyed if he gets another term, not just for the minorities, but for ALL Americans.

The other thing to do is simple.  NEVER LET ANY REPUBLICAN EVER COMPLAIN ABOUT A DEMOCRAT WITHOUT EXPOSING THEIR TOLERANCE OF FAR WORSE BEHAVIOR FROM THE RIGHT.  Hound them!  Make them admit they're only outraged because of the 'D' next to the person's name.  Maybe if we continue to point out their pettiness, their hypocrisy, and their inconsistency, they might just start realizing the monsters they've become.

Until then, remember this.  A Republican voter could walk into their house and find Trump in bed having sex with their spouse and the first words out of their mouths would be "damn Democrats."  It's who the people truly are; broken.

Friday, January 17, 2020

The Friday Link for 1/17/20

Sometimes when I'm working on a certain project, or if I'm writing a certain blog piece, I get very committed.  At least I used to think I did.

The Friday Link is a new standard in commitment.  For some reason, maybe because I watched a domino video (where some group of kids sets up a huge domino design) I had the following video show up in my suggestion box.  It comes from Jelle's Marble Runs and this is nuts.

It's a marble olympics.  Not an olympics of people playing marble games.  NOPE! This is all about the marbles themselves, in what could only be described as a crazy obsession exposed to the world. The time it must have taken to put all this together probably rivaled the actual olympics.  

This is two and a half hours, TWO AND A HALF HOURS(!!!), of marble competition you never knew existed.   I can't do this justice.  Watch it, and be somewhat terrified, somewhat intrigued, and somewhat entertained.  Seriously, I started actually caring which marbles were winning certain competitions.

And for the record, the play by play guy is actually one of the better play by play guys I've ever heard.  Seriously!!!  Ninety percent of play by play guys should listen to him for hints on how not to ruin a sporting event by being a way too enthusiastic announcer.


Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, January 13, 2020

A Letter to Nicole Marie

I made a mistake with a politically right leaning woman named Nicole Marie.  I thought when she said 'educate me' she was actually open to a discussion of the topic she was blindly defending, Beltrami County, Minnesota's racist and bigoted decision to ban any new refugee resettlements.

I learned about a decade ago there's no point in trying to engage in an actual discussion with a Republican in this day and age.  After the 2008 election, and in 2009 when people started screaming about birth certificates, the Republican Party went off the rails, no longer willing to engage in a debate on the issues.  Instead they resorted to screaming their opinion in your face as loud as they could, and whenever you counterpointed their ignorance, they completely change topic to avoid having to admit you're right.  They offer nothing to a legit debate, so I usually just ignore them, blocking them if applicable.

But Nicole Marie got my attention by (purposely?) misinterpreting what my initial point was.  I said due to the Beltrami County board's vote, I would not spend money in Beltrami County until they reversed their decision.  Nicole Marie seemed to interpret my dislike of the county boards vote as bad mouthing Beltrami County as a whole (I wasn't).  She then seemed to use that point to jumpstart a diatribe against the Twin Cities (sounds like you got some issues).  She then went after socialism (What the...?) and then suggested a boycott of her own, black listing Minneapolis/St.Paul (Good luck with that!).

I love how she thinks working class socialists are the people going to sporting events in the metro.  Also, it should be noted she rails against socialism and her job listed on Facebook is working at the post office.  HAHAHAHAHA!  Who wants to tell her?

I initially had blocked Nicole Marie on Twitter and to my surprise she contacted me on Facebook. After a little back and forth, she asked for me to 'educate her' on my opinion, something I was willing to do, but first I had to run my daughter to soccer.  I told her I would respond in 45 minutes, only to have her shut down our conversation.

So here, since I dedicated time to this, is my response to Nicole Marie:

First off, there was no need for Beltrami County to do this considering they haven't recently gotten any refugees.  They haven't been a refugee destination for over 5 years! Considering this is a non problem, there was no need to ban them, but yet, with a room full of bigots and racists, the board decided to do just that.

For those who challenge me, insisting this decision isn't racist but rather financial, let me once again point out BELTRAMI COUNTY HASN'T HAD ANY REFUGEES SO YOU HAVEN'T SPENT ANY MONEY!  Considering the lack of refugees wasn't costing the county a damn thing, and considering there didn't seem to be any pending refugee resettlements scheduled for Beltrami County, this entire argument is empty, a thin veil pulled around the racism, an attempt to hide the true motivations in plain sight.

But if you're upset about a refugee family getting a few dollars of tax payer money to help get them on their feet and settled, then you should be freaking outraged by the hundreds of millions of dollars Trump has spent golfing at his own golf courses while President, FAR more golfing than President Obama ever did (remember when Righto's used to constantly bellyache about his golfing?  That was racist too!).  But like a lot of things today, Republican outrage is very selective.

The reason Beltrami County voted for this was because of Trump.  Trump is starting to do something Republicans never thought possible.  Due to his horrific unnecessary trade war, and the subsequent hardships bestowed upon the Ag sector, support for Trump in rural America is starting to falter.  Brazil is now the worlds largest soybean distributor, Russian wheat is taking away the US's position in China, the US dairy sector is sinking and fast, and the US pork markets are barely holding their own, terrified of what happens when China's swine flu epidemic runs its course.  On top of that, farm debt is at an all time high, farm foreclosures are up to a ten year high, healthcare costs more, tariffs have raised the cost of all products, and wages have not risen in decades.  In addition, Republicans refuse to do anything about climate change even though it is undeniably leading to environmental disasters in farm country, and the Ag bailout (almost twice as big as the Auto bailout Republicans hated, although the Ag bailout won't get even partially repaid) has pretty much only gone to the big Corporate farming outfits.

But what about steel.  I remember northern Minnesota praising Trump as he talked about bringing back US steel.  He hasn't.  As a matter of fact, US steel production is at all time lows, with US Steel announcing 1500 layoffs in December.  The reasons are simple.  Trump never had a plan in place to revitalize America's foundries.  Without adequate processing facilities, the main markets for our raw product are still overseas, but they're now moving away from the US's raw ore.  The rest of the world stopped ordering processed US steel, and undercut their own prices so even with tariffs it's cheaper to buy foreign steel than the US equivalent. Less demand for the steel means less demand for taconite, and it's not going to turn around any time soon.

Trump knows he's made a mess, that's why he's trying to shore up his base by letting Republicans vote for racism.  He created this mandate, where each state and each county had to vote to accept refugees.  So far most rural counties hadn't taken the bait, but Beltrami County couldn't help themselves.  They seemed to relish in the thought that they could tell non-whites they weren't welcome!  Trump baited the hook, and the Beltrami County racists couldn't resist.

If you're Christian, this should make you livid.  This denying refugees goes directly against one of Jesus' main teachings; 'welcoming in strangers from strange lands.'  We just ended the holiday season where this teaching is played out to the glee and joy of the most Conservative Christians.  If you believe in Jesus, then you should be for welcoming in refugees.

Some Christians are trying to use a different argument.  They say I'm all for welcoming, but countries have laws!  Putting aside the fact Jesus never made that concession to his welcoming refugees command, if you believe that, then let me remind you of another story from the Christmas season.  If you feel the laws of the land are the most important thing, then you're for baby Jesus being handed over to King Herod.  After all, that was the law of the land back then.

Before you think I am being too negative, let me make some other points.  When I lived in Beltrami County in the mid-90's, I thought it was one of the prettiest places I'd ever lived. The fishing is great and the state Park on the north side of the lake is magnificent.  This is not about the community itself, more this bigoted decision by the county board.

Also, I can only speak for myself.  I won't spend a dime in Beltrami County until this monstrosity of a vote is overturned, but that is my own decision.  That's my right as an American.  Everyone else can make their own decision.

The fact I'm not the only one coming up with this sentiment ( shows me Beltrami County might actually send a message completely opposite of what those three pig headed jackasses intended.  I guarantee other counties in the state will heed the warning of Beltrami County, and vote against an open boycott of their county.  So far, no one is vowing to boycott counties who vote to allow refugee resettlement, so the decision from this point forward seems easy.

There you go.  And remember Nicole, YOU came to MY page.

Friday, January 10, 2020

The Friday Link for 1/10/20

This week I have not been feeling the best.  I have that mild cold which causes you to cough and makes you tired.  I've been sleeping a lot so I've not been able to post anything new this week, but I promise some posts this weekend.

Whatever I was going to post prior to this afternoon doesn't matter. Neil Peart, the drummer for the Canadian band Rush died today of brain cancer.  I've not been shy about my love of the band.  I grew up with them.  Their albums were a constant companion through my life and I have been to 12 concerts.  They're my favorite band.

I lost a friend today.

Rush is an amazing band.  I would place Geddy Lee as the greatest bass player of all time.  Alex Lifeson is definitely a top 25 rock guitarist of all time, and rock fans have a constant debate on whether Neil Peart or Keith Moon is the greatest drummer of all time. I'll go with Neil.

First up, from David Letterman's Drum solo week, the finale was Neil:

From Rush Live in Rio, a whole bunch of Brazilians enjoying YYZ.

Next up is the best opening they ever did with Spirit of Radio at the end of it, from the 30th Anniversary tour.

And of course a drum solo.  One of his better ones, also from the 30th Anniversary show in Frankfurt Germany.

And finally Rush's appearance on the Colbert Report.  There isn't much here because Comedy Central seems to be blocking the videos, but here is the opening.

I am going to be sad for awhile.

Friday, January 3, 2020

The Friday Link for 1/3/20

Tonight we're going to point out the STUNNING level of hypocrisy from Republicans when it comes to outrage.

Mind you, today we discovered Trump ordered a, Iranian military leader, from a country we haven't declared war on, to be assassinated while he was in a third country (Iraq).  Trump and the Administration did so claiming they had HARD evidence this Iranian general was targeting US interests, but they've not come forward with said evidence to justify this almost unjustifiable action. Trump also failed to mention this assassination attempt to the Democratic leaders of the Congress, including the Speaker of the House, the 3rd most powerful person in government, even though they (once again) claim to have an iron clad case to conduct an assassination.

On top of that, a former Fox News host stated in a book she was openly propositioned by Trump during the campaign.  This would be the 40th or so woman to claim sexual misconduct by Trump, a group of women who've been collectively dismissed as 'liars' by Trump and his allies.

Trump is speaking at an Evangelical gathering tonight where religious leaders will cheer him on.  They will cheer him for assassinating someone.  They will cheer him on for having yet another woman claim sexual misconduct against him.  They will cheer him on even though he has children locked in cages on the US border, one of the most un-Christian things a person could EVER do.

Nothing. Silence. And I'm not even bringing up countless other things which should cause his most staunch supporters to turn on him.  Heck, even Republicans who claimed to have 'valid' criticism of  President Obama for his golfing and budget deficits are stunningly silent in the face of FAR worse behavior from Trump.

Let's travel back to a time and age when Republicans used to get triggered far easier.  Tonight's Friday Link is The Daily Shows top ten Obama scandals.  Date night, bowing too deeply, selfie sticks, latte salutes.  We forget some Republicans were calling for President Obama TO BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE because of some of these made up scandals.

To be fair, if the same people ever held Trump to the same standard they held President Obama, they'd explode.

Have a good weekend everyone, and remember if Trump wants to get us into a war, make sure to tell his supporters only cowards expect others to fight wars they think are justified.  Tell them to sign up their kids for military duty!

Don't expect others to die for YOUR causes.