Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Hey Moderates, Objects are Further Away Than They Appear

Dear Moderate Democrats,

Stop screwing up the Democratic Party.  Thanks!

No seriously, you need to stop.  You need to stop putting your own personal agenda ahead of the rest of the party.  You're doing more to ensure Republicans stay in charge than anything else coming from the Left.

Moderates are the ones who always balk when it comes to a strong Democratic front in the face of Republican resistance.  Hold W. Bush accountable for the Iraq War?  Nope, they didn't want to upset the moderate Republicans who they thought would work with them.  They decided to not hold anyone accountable for all the US military dead and wounded.  Hold Wall Street accountable for  purposely torpedoing the world economy?  Nope!  Moderate Democrats are the Democrats the banking industry supports.  This ensured even asking bank CFO's what happened to the money would never happen under oath.

Instead, Moderate Democrats tried to appease the rest of the Democratic Party with their stern wagging fingers.  "We won't hold these people accountable, but look at us wag our finger at them as we give them a stern glare."  With the moderate Democrats 'leadership,' we never got justice for the American people.

And there were consequences!  Moderate Democrats insist the reason the Democratic voters stayed at home in 2010 was due to the unpopular Affordable Care Act they passed.  Not only is that laughable (I'll come back to that in a second) but it ignores their own failed promises from 2006 ("elect the Democrats and we'll hold Bush and Cheney accountable") and 2008 ("re-elect us and we'll hold Wall Street accountable!").  One of the main reasons Democrats stayed at home in 2010 is the broken promises of the moderate Democrats.

And let's talk about the Affordable Care Act.  Not only did the moderate Democrats screw up the bill by allowing the inclusion of Marco Rubio's poison pill addition ("look at us compromise!") you then immediately turned on what should've been a winning signature bill for the next 20 years, terrified of Republican cries of "socialism!"  You yourself took the wind out of the sails of Democrats who had addressed the health care crisis in America.  You spent the next 6 years bad mouthing a bill YOU PASSED, a bill which most people loved.  You guys could screw up free ice cream day...

Then came Trump, and when it was clear he was corrupt, racist, crooked and likely working with the Russians (he did call for them to help them on camera during the campaign) you insisted there was something FAR more nuanced to him and his supporters, attacking people like myself who dared to call out the racists, the bigots, the purposely ignorant and Trump himself.  You helped validate him.  Today I've been proven 100% correct in my initial assessment.  Meanwhile, moderate Democrats are shockingly less vocal than they should be when it comes to Trump's racist attacks, most of which are on members of their own party!!!  Heck, I've heard more moderate Democrats imply the squad of popular Freshman Democrats are somewhat responsible for Trump's inexcusable racism targeting them.

But in 2018, the Democratic Party stopped listening to the moderates for their marching orders.  They put forward a traditional Democratic platform, highlighting bread and butter, populist Democratic issues, and a renewed call from Democratic leaders to "elect us, get us into power, and we'll hold Trump accountable."  We won big.  Since then, moderate Democrats have returned to their pre-2010 hemming and hawing, trying desperately to hush their own base, filtering their decisions thorough a misguided appeal to a handful of moderate Republicans.

And that's where we are at right now.  Moderate Democrats are telling me we need to ignore the fiscal and social issues of the progressives, issues which bring in traditional and progressive Democrats, along with a large portion of the minority voters.  I've been told "Matt, they're gong to vote Democrat anyway, so their issues are not important."(WTF?!?)  Moderate Democrats plan on ignoring LGBTQ issues, AND most women's issues.  Moderate Democrats have insisted the Democratic Party should ONLY be focused suburban women, and winning over a handful of Republicans.  That's their "sure fire plan" to victory.

It won't work.  We did it that way in 2010, 2012 (which would've been FAR worse if not for President Obama), 2014, and 2016, and every time the moderate Democrats "sure fire plan" failed.  2018 was a return to true Democratic ideals, just like 2006 was, and look at the success the party had.

Moderates, stop screwing this up!

First off moderates, you could learn a few thing from the Republicans.  They don't care what names you call them, as opposed to you, frantically trying to get their approval like the new girl trying to join the popular clique in high school.  Republicans NEVER take their party for granted, and almost always vote in unison with each other.  Moderate Democrats are FAR more eager to work with moderate Republicans than their own party.  It causes them to sacrifice WAY too much in a pathetic attempt to get the moderate Republican's attention.

And most of the time, THEY WILL NOT VOTE WITH YOU!  They voted for Trump for God's sake!  You're spending all your time trying to win over Republicans who pretty much hate you and the party you represent.  And you're ignoring the 110 million mostly Demcorats who sat out 2016.  You started to bring them back to the polls in 2018, and now you seem determined to push them back to the sidelines.

Let me explain it better this way.  Imagine the Democratic Party as a farm, a huge plot of land; 100 acres by 100 acres.  Moderate Democratic farmers are standing near one of the fences.  On the other side of the fence is a neighbor from the Republican farm.  He's 10 feet away from you, but he's clearly on the other side of the fence.  Meanwhile, the rest of your farming buddies in the Democratic Party are WAY on the other side of the field, still on your plot of land, but much further away than the Republican farmer is.  I understand why you think the guy on the other side of the fence is far closer to your mindset, but there's a fatal flaw to your theory.  Even though the farmer on the Republican side has a simile on his face, he HATES you.  He doesn't see ten feet, rather 1000 miles.  You're trying to be neighborly, they're thinking Hatfields and McCoys.

Moderate Democrats, stop screwing this up.  Work with your own party!  Embrace the core values of the Democrats!  Embrace the issues which appeal to minorities, the LGBTQ community and women! Stop trying to win over a few Republicans who will never agree with you!  Follow through on your promises! And stop worrying about what the Republicans will think of you!  They will always bad mouth you no matter what you do, so stop caring what they say!

Worry about getting the 110 million to the polls, most of whom HATE Trump.  The only thing which can stop you from winning is your own foolish, repeatedly proven wrong strategy.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Enemy Territory

I've had some God forsaken overnights away from my house.  I've had atrocious stays in New York City, Eau Claire, Panama City, Florida, Las Vegas, Duluth, and a particularly horrendous night in Atlantic, Iowa.  I never once painted those towns with a wide brush, condemning the communities as a whole.  Regardless of where you are in America, there's always something good; views, parks, wildlife, restaurants, community events, the arts.  There's always something.

But not for Trump and the Republicans.  They need villains.

Trump's latest attack on Baltimore, Maryland, a city which has its problems, LIKE EVERY OTHER CITY DOES, but also has an amazing history and local culture, is just his latest attempt to create an enemy for his base to hate.

These communities always have the same criteria:
  1. They have a high minority population
  2. They are Democratic Party strongholds
  3. They are represented by a politician(s) easy for Trump's racist base to hate
Republicans need bad guys to hate, and have been creating 'enemies of the Republican state' for decades.  They initially turned on California, the state Reagan tamed.  When the GOP started to shift towards more racist and upper class-centric policies in the 1990's, California turned sharply Democrat and has not looked back.  Republicans started attacking the limousine liberals of Los Angeles, Silicon Valley and San Francisco.  Being wealthy and voting Democrat was interpreted as betrayal. The Right convinced their voters to think these towns were run by African Americans, Latinos and undocumented foreigners, pushing drugs, sexual perversion, gang violence, the gay community and a more diverse culture on the poor innocent Christian whites of America.  

They turned on New York City.  It was easy to portray NYC as a foreign country in the USA, until after 9/11.  For a few years, Rightos played nice, until they lost the House and Senate in 2006.  They then returned to bashing New York as a villain, while trying to insist they (Republicans from nowhere near the city) embodied the real sacrifice of 9/11.  It didn't go well for them, but the right soon had President Obama and his town of Chicago to ridicule.

Starting in 2010, the Republicans had a new tactic, "no-go zones." They started portraying certain metro areas as having large swaths where white folk couldn't go without getting raped, killed, shot and then raped again.  It didn't matter the local community had no idea what Republicans were talking about.  This was about giving fake smarts to idiots who never would go to those cities in the first place.  Fear of minorities fueled morons in Iowa screaming about no-go zones in Philadelphia, Houston and Miami.  "I heard about it what REALLY goes on in those towns."  

And that's the point!  The vicious circle of fear wasn't about ruining some schmuck from Nebraska's travel plans.  It was about scaring white, rural Christian Republican voters into believing "if you allow Democrats to take over here, it's only a matter of time before you and your wife are smoking crack, your dog joins MS-13, and your kids are engaged in group gay sex with non-caucasians!"  Fear was, and is, the real goal, regardless of how much the fear is based on lies, bigotry and racism

Recently my own congressional district was attacked.  I live in MN-05, Representative Ilhan Omar's district.  As Trump ridiculed her in recent weeks, Republicans who've never been to Minneapolis came up with a simple explanation on how Omar got elected in the first place; over 90% of the district are Somali and black.  A quick search will show that Minneapolis is still quite predominately white (71%), but that didn't matter for them.  The narrative is created and the fear is stoked.  Now rural white communities are terrified voting Democrat will lead to a massive influx of minorities and Muslims!  

In other words, they're racist idiots, BUT THIS CRAP WORKS ON RACIST IDIOTS!

It wasn't that long ago Republicans used to be competitive in these communities.  Many cities had Republican representation at the local, state and federal levels, but as their message has pushed further and further into white nationalism, they've abandoned urban communities, focusing all their attention on winning in rural and wealthy suburban districts.

The GOP purposely has to ignore a major flaw in their 'enemy territory' criticism.  With Trump being President, and with their new standard of creating a fake national emergency to divert money to any problem they see fit, Trump could help ANY city in America he labels persona non grata.  He could, but he won't.  He needs the villain, whether real or not.  Republicans just skip the solution to the problem they've created and only focus on the fear the problem creates.  It's the person who convinces themselves they have an unfounded and unheard of deadly disease, but instead of going to a doctor and getting a real diagnosis, they instead choose to lock themselves in their house, fearing the health crisis they've made up in their mind.

We're supposed to be a United States, with different cultures and people.  Instead we have a political party portraying America as 'wholesome, white, Christian' communities constantly being threatened by the enemy territory within the US border; purposely fanning the flames of racism and ignorance with atrocious consequences.  The enemy is Baltimore today. Detroit or Cleveland or Milwaukee or Boston or wherever tomorrow. 

And speaking of consequences, there truly are no-go zones in America today.  They are communities where one religion is pushed on all who enter, and non conformists are asked to leave.  It's where strangers are not trusted and are usually harassed.  These are places where law enforcement is chomping at the bit to make examples of the outsiders, mainly for the applause and accolades they'll get from the local community.  America's no-go zones are many of the white rural and suburban communities where African Americans, Latinos and pretty much all minorities are just not welcome.  This is the consequence of Republican 'enemy territory' bigotry.

That's a fact.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Cat Fight

Not only should you keep your cats indoors because they can get killed by (at least in metro Minneapolis/St. Paul) dogs, coyotes, raccoons, foxes, and not to mention cars.

Not only should you keep your cat indoors because letting a predator into a eco-system which has never had said predator is stupid, at a cost of numerous animals (song birds, squirrels, rabbits, ducks)  who are not prepared to have to defend themselves from a non-native species (would you tolerate a person letting tropical snakes loose in your neighborhood in summer?).

Not only should you keep your cat indoors because of the insane amount of health and safety risks a cat can get killed by.  Waterborne illnesses an animal will get from licking out of a puddle kill plenty of animals every year.

Not only should you keep your cat indoors because expecting the world to take care of YOUR animal while you act like a responsible pet owner because the cat shows back up at your house every two weeks is a jackass attitude.

Story from a friend about his brother, who lives in a neighboring state.  He walks up to his neighbor's house and knocks.

Man opens door. "Howdy."

"Hey neighbor.  You know how we've had a lot of problems with your cat being outside?"

"Sure, but that's your problem with Mr. Buttons, not mine."

"Funny you should mention that.  Your cat was in our yard last night."

"Well we let him in last night."

"That's fine, but it was in my yard, AGAIN, even after I've asked you numerous times to control Mr. Buttons."

"Lighten up.  It's just a cat."

"Yes it is.  Last night, when I let my dog out, your cat attacked him."

"Mr. Button's will defend himself (said while snickering)."

"Well Mr. Buttons damaged my dog's eye, and my dog is going to need surgery."

Neighbor's face turns more serious. "Well that's a shame, but that's not my problem."

"Actually, it is your problem!  Three people witnessed your cat attack my dog, IN MY YARD, hence you were violating MY private property.  We've documented all the times we've asked you to keep your cat out of our yard, and the law states you're responsible for your pet.  Hence, we are going to sue you for the cost of the surgery on the dog, plus an additional $100,000 for future health issues for our dog, and for our pain and suffering due to the repeated harassment of your pet."

"You can't do that!"

"I'm a lawyer.  Of course I can."

He settled out of court for a total of $75,000.  The cat owner's family moved as well.

If you have a cat, please keep it indoors, for its and your own safety.  If you are a person whose neighbor's cat has been a nuisance, start documenting and know your community/state laws.  A repeating problem might lead to a very large payday.

Friday, July 26, 2019

The Friday Link for 7/26/19

For this week, we visit a hilarious, but somewhat adult language, series from Funny or Die, 'A Very Special Episode.'

The concept is fantastic.  We revisit the 'issue of the moment' episodes from 80's and 90's TV shows, episodes which copied the After School Special formulas from the 70's, talking about teen sex, peer pressure, drugs and drinking.  It was a way for television programs, primarily sitcoms (?), to give themselves some self created "serious acting" cred, doing an episode where serious topics were addressed by the teen stars of the day.  I think the mentality was the comedy show taking it seriously (with jokes) would help the message hit home.  I don't think they thought that through.

To say these episode are atrocious television is an understatement.  They've not aged well.  This is where Funny or Die mines the comedy gold.  Sure they sometimes glorify the vice the episode was railing against (particularly drinking and drug use), but overall this is a great take down of people who were lucky to have the celebrity they had, people who were taking themselves WAY too seriously.

Let's begin with Family Matters where Urkle got drunk and fell off the roof.

Next up is Growing Pains, with the troublesome issue of 80's girls with coke.

Finally, from 7th Heaven (NOT a sitcom), gangs are recruiting!

These episodes are from season 1, but 'A Very Special Episode' just put out their 4th season.  Watch them all...and maybe you'll learn a little something!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Friday, July 19, 2019

The Friday Link for 7/19/19

For this Friday's Link, let's start with Apollo 11.

There was a time in this country when science was praised and appreciated.  Not today.  There's no way on the planet the current US government would spend the money needed for a moon launch, let alone listen to the scientists who would be responsible to make sure the mission happens safely.  It's an interesting question:  would a Republican have a harder time with the cost of a space launch, or having to respect a scientist?

Why is science important?  This video says it all.  Think about the levels of science needed just for this slowed down 30 second clip.  The reason we can look back on Apollo 11 with such pride is due to what it meant beyond getting humans to the moon.  It represents the time when science and intelligence were valued, and by giving them value, nothing was impossible.  Enjoy this video of the science behind the launch.

Since we are on science, how about a great video showing the distance of the solar system.  If you go to Eau Claire Wisconsin, there is a walking path which shows you the distance from the sun to all the planets.  You realize how the outer planers of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (sorry, not sorry) are an insane distance from us and the sun.  These guys put it in perspective for you without you having to go to Wisconsin.

And to put our science Friday Link to bed, what's more science than the Coneheads on Family Feud.  A classic SNL skit.

Have a great weekend everyone!  Try to stay cool.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

What Does It Take

Back in the first decade of the 2000's, I cancelled my Star Tribune newspaper subscription.  The Strib, like most newspapers, had become a hollow shell of its former self, with less and less news content.  They had also become a right leaning paper.  I'm not talking about the editorial page (I'll come back to that) but rather the stories themselves had become unapologetically Republican.  A Democratic politician would do something wrong, and it was top of the front page, above the fold, with three weeks of team coverage, but a Republican politician doing something far worse would be buried deep in the B section, with the reporters and editors themselves making excuses for why they didn't feel the story warranted more coverage.

The reason the mainstream media in this country (mainly regional newspapers and local network television stations) shifted dramatically to a more pro-Republican perspective is due to two things.  Right wing business people were buying up media in the 1990's, closing newsrooms, gutting news staff and pretty much annihilating investigative journalism.  This got rid of quality content, replaced with a shocking amount of GOP talking points reported as 'news.'

The other way the right controlled the news came in the form of advertisers.  Far right wing businesses would advertise, but only if the news reflected their values.  With editors far more obliged to do what the sales department demanded, they drove the news media's direction to the right, ensuring they'd be able to make a buck.

The final straw for me, in regards to the Star Tribune, was a stretch of four weeks of Sundays about 15 years ago.  For those four weeks, the Sunday Editorial section was all FAR right wing garbage, easily disproven lies which mysteriously weren't fact checked by the Strib's editorial board.  All the major editorials in those Sunday newspapers were unforgivable partisan drivel; GOP talking points given validity by the paper.

After the 4th week, I called the paper and asked if this was the new standard.  The perky customer service rep insisted it was okay because the Democrats were allowed to respond in the Monday edition of the paper. Considering the Sunday edition of the paper was read by somewhere in the area of 2.5 to 3 times more people than the Monday paper, this was an admission by the paper their were trying to drive a narrative.  Thanks, but no thanks.

(For the record, today I do have an digital subscription for work, mainly for sports)

For those who think the news media stopped moving towards the right when Obama became President, think again.  They got worse.  I remember when I caught the Strib publishing a 'letter to the editor' from a CEO from a major banking group in town.  They never once identified the banker for his obvious ulterior motives, instead portraying him as a regular guy who happened to drop a letter in the mail.  If I were to write a letter to the editor and try to pass it off as 'Matt from Hopkins,' there's no way the paper would publish it without making sure everyone knew it's the liberal radio host in town.  Heck, let's be honest, they would've never published it period.

I started noticing the comical crowd size double standard in the Twin Cities news media about 10 years ago.  A right wing political event would happen and the coverage was "large crowds, big turnout, more than expected rallied."  The media was usually exaggerating about 100 right leaning people OR LESS.  Sometimes it was just a few dozen rightos.  In the case of the pro-Confederate flag rally, it was six!  No matter the turnout, a right wing rally or event was always a rousing success!  But when a few thousand people would show up for a liberal event, the narrative was "less than expected, smaller crowds, and unknown number of protesters."  Many times the news media wouldn't even cover a liberal rally or event at all.

The best example of this was Scott Walker coming to Hudson, Wisconsin for a rally.  Twenty three people showed up to support Walker.  23!!!  Meanwhile, well over 200 people came to protest Walker.  The Twin Cities news media reported the complete opposite, "big turnout for Walker!"  I think KARE 11 was the ONLY station to mention the protesters, as an afterthought; "a counter protest also took place."

Where the news media in this town is at today is VERY scary.  Over the last few years, there have been multiple stories which are UNDENIABLY NEWS, stories which made Republicans look bad, not intentionally but factually.  Considering the positions of power and places where these stories occurred, the news relevance was clear.

  • Former Republican Speaker of the House Kurt Daudt had his credit card debt forgiven (a rare feat in this day and age) and the legal team which helped him with his mysterious debt forgiveness had a lobbying wing in St. Paul.
  • Republicans told North Minneapolis' predominantly African American population they were on their own after a tornado hit their community; how they needed to pull themselves up by their own boot straps.  They never seemed to have a problem with emergency tornado relief before the inner city strike.
  • Representative Jim Newberger  made a racist comment on the Minnesota House floor, targeting the predominately African American population in North Minneapolis.
  • Republicans called a man to testify that he'd stolen months and months of food assistance, just to prove a millionaire could abuse the system.  No one verified the forms he filled out for attaining the food assistance, to ensure he wasn't lying (hence a crime).  No journalist asked why the Republicans were suddenly embracing fraud.
  • While the media did cover the accusations of sexual misconduct against former Rep. Tony Cornish, they were shockingly silent when a disgraced Cornish returned to the Capitol a few months after being forced to resign, seemingly there to threaten and intimidate the former Democratic Representative Erin May Quade, who had initially accused him of inappropriate harassment.  
  • GOP candidate for Attorney General Doug Wardlow was accused by multiple former classmates of being an extreme bully while in high school.  After Wardlow challenged the accusations, more classmates came forward with more stories of extreme bullying.
  • Republican representative Cal Bahr called for violence against Democratic Legislators who were writing common sense gun regulations.  He called for them to be thrown to the curb, stomped on, and then run over a few times.  He made these threats in the Capitol itself.  His excuse was he was only talking about the bills, not the people writing them.  That excuse is counterpointed by the video showing him CLEARLY making the threats to the politicians themselves.
  • Republican Representative Tony Jergens, throwing a temper tantrum after an amendment failed in the Minnesota House, verbally and physically threatened Democratic Representative Jamie Becker-Finn in the House annex.  It was a loud threat, heard throughout the House, and reports stated Jergens had to be physically restrained.
Wow!  All of those stories are undoubtedly newsworthy.  Outside of City Pages and Bluestem Prairie, most of these stories got little if ANY coverage in the Twin Cities newspapers (Star Tribune, Pioneer Press), television stations (KARE, WCCO, KSTP, KMSP) or other media groups (MPR).

Why?  I had no idea until the Wardlow story broke.  The reason the story broke was due to a call to my radio show where a caller explained the bullying from his perspective.  I was shocked.  I posted the story online, linking to most of the Twin Cities news media. "Here's the GOP candidate for the AG's office being accused of extreme bullying."  Nothing.  Flabbergasted, I contacted a few journalists I knew directly, saying here's the story, here's the bullied person's phone number, and please do not feel any need to include me or the radio station in the story.

One journalist told me directly: "Matt the story is definitely news worthy, but because it originated from you, I can't report on it without drawing criticism of being the 'liberal media'."

Sweet Lord...putting aside the acknowledgment the story indeed had merit, the criticism would be coming from people who want to see Wardlow as Attorney General, hence their criticism should be taken with a grain of salt.  I'm pretty sure I was one of the first people in town to talk about most of the above stories.  Now I have to ask how many of those stories were buried because I committed the crime of talking about them first?

Now we have an even more damaging story.  Last Monday, the 8th, I was made aware of a young man dying.  Jesimya David Scherer-Radcliff (Jesy) died due to rationing insulin.  As tragic as that story is on it's own, it has added depth when you consider Jesy was working two jobs and yet still couldn't afford the skyrocketing costs of insulin. Jesy was a person the Emergency Insulin Act was designed to save, someone working as hard as he could but still could not afford the life saving medication.  The Emergency Insulin Act was ruthlessly killed by Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka and the Senate Republicans at the end of session, likely due to big Pharma lobbying to kill a no brainer bill.

This would be the first person who would've been saved by the Emergency Insulin Act, instead he was the first (to my knowledge) to die since Gazleka and the Republicans decided it was better to hand a death sentence to the poor rather than 'waste' tax dollars saving these human beings. The merits of the story are undeniable, as Republicans across the state should have to answer why weren't they trying to schedule an emergency special session to fix this.  Instead, nothing...well at least for a few days.  KARE 11 finally wrote a story about it on Friday the 12th, but for the most part, the rest of the media decided to give the Minnesota Republican Party ANOTHER pass for their inexcusable behavior.

I don't know what we can do to fix this, but let me say to all news editors and journalists, if there is a story which originates from my radio show, which is undeniable news which should be reported, then:


My ego doesn't need to be stroked.  Leave me out of it and report the know, do your job!  At this point, your reluctance to look at the Republican Party's indiscretions and mistakes neutrally is getting pretty damn scary (and unAmerican). 

Then again, we're now witnessing the Twin Cities and national news media going out of their way to not call Trump's latest undeniably racist tweets racist, preferring to report on the racism as someone else making an accusation.  If we're the point where most journalists are unable to say "water is wet," then news media may be too far gone to save.

Friday, July 12, 2019

The Friday Link for 7/12/19

Tig Notaro is having her moment.

If you're not aware of who Tig is, she's a successful stand up comedian who's had consistent TV and movie work over the last few years.  But lately, she's pushed the accelerator on her career.

Whomever cast her as engineer Jett Reno in Star Trek: Discovery, congratulations!  You made one of the all time time great casting decisions in Star Trek history.  That's a big statement, so don't take my word for it.  Watch for yourself.

Sweet Lord is that fun!

Even better, Tig is a bit of introvert.  For someone who works in the industry, she doesn't really watch too much television or movies, focusing on her family instead of celebrity pageantry.  I respect the heck out of that.

The folks at Funny or Die have come up with a freaking brilliant talk show featuring Tig.  Under A Rock with Tig Notaro is a sensational show!  Tig has no idea who her guests are so she has to guess.  Charming, hilarious, and at times painfully awkward, it is wonderful.  Enjoy three of her episodes:

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, July 5, 2019

The Friday Link for 7/5/19

I hope everyone had a great Independence Day...well everyone outside of the Trump Administration.  Considering they're keeping human beings in worse conditions than zoo animals, those guys can suck it!

For your Friday Link this week, it's back to Minnesota's finest, the gold standard for comedy, Mystery Science Theater 3000!  One of the best parts about the show is no matter the cast incarnation you're viewing, there are always stellar jokes and can't miss episodes.

For this week's clip, it's San Francisco International!  This was one of the movies which came out in the 1970's Airport craze, only it's FAR worse.  An awful script, 'G'-list actors, comatose action sequences, and disturbing acting make this a gem.  Enjoy!

I hope you have a great rest of the 4th of July weekend!